Heritage Launches Petition Supporting Sen. Tuberville Defunding New Military Abortion Benefits

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As Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s, R-Ala., public fight to reverse a Department of Defense policy that unilaterally expanded abortion in the military enters its 12th week, a burgeoning grassroots movement is blossoming in support of the senator’s stand, and a growing number of fellow lawmakers on the Hill are also voicing their solidarity.

On Thursday, The Heritage Foundation announced the launch of a petition drive for the public to sign in the wake of a letter signed by over 3,000 veterans and active-duty servicemembers expressing support for Tuberville, who has vowed to block the promotions of nearly 200 military generals and flag officers until the Pentagon rescinds a policy issued in February that provides taxpayer-funded paid leave and travel reimbursement for military personnel to undergo abortions. (The Daily Signal is the news and commentary outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

The Heritage signature drive builds on Family Research Council’s petition drive, which garnered over 25,000 signatures in support of the senator’s pro-life stand. In addition, 23 pro-life leaders signed a letter in March indicating they are standing behind Tuberville.

Lawmakers on the Hill are also backing the senator’s efforts. Reps. Eli Crane, R-Ariz.; Andrew Clyde, R-Ga.; Ronny Jackson, R-Texas; and Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., all joined the veteran and active-duty letter.

A number of Tuberville’s Senate colleagues have also voiced their support. “It’s beyond me why the White House wants to pick this fight,” Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., remarked last week. “The policy is illegal. It forces taxpayers to subsidize abortion in violation of federal law.”

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., was equally clear in his support of Tuberville’s fight. “He’s not wavering on it, nor should he with what this administration has done really through fiat; through making rules and regulations versus passing something through Congress,” he said on Wednesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.”

Daines went on to point out that if the Democrats truly wanted to avoid the military promotion holdup, they could simply bring the DOD’s expanded abortion policy up for a vote. “Senator Tuberville has said … ‘Let’s bring this fight to the light of day … in front of the people that sent us here to serve and deliberate about these issues’ … But the Democrats refuse to even do that.”

For his part, Tuberville is making it clear that if Senate Democrats wanted to, they could approve the military promotions—just not in the way they would prefer.

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“Right now, they can get all these people confirmed,” he explained on “Washington Watch” Thursday. “They just don’t want to work. They want to put them all in one group and everybody raise a hand and vote for them and send them on down the line. Guess what? That ain’t happening with me.”

As the former college football head coach went on to argue, the Biden administration could make the controversy go away quickly: “Exactly like I told [Defense] Secretary [Lloyd] Austin, I’ve told the White House, and I’ve told [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer. … We had [military] abortions, but for certain exceptions—we’ve had it for 40 years. We’ve had no problem. Nobody’s complained. Go back to the old law or send a law over. … [L]et us vote on it. And whatever happens, happens. And I’ll drop the whole [thing]. But let’s do it the right way.”

The senator continued, “I hate [to do this] for some of these admirals and generals because this is their livelihood. But you’ve got to understand, we’ve got to make a stand somewhere. [The Left has] corrupted the entire country. Our military is next. And if they can get our military, then the Supreme Court will be next. And what we know as the United States of America will not be in existence anymore.”

Tuberville went on to contend that the priorities of the military under the Biden administration have been misplaced: “I had a general come to me a year or so ago and said, ‘Coach, we’re spending more money on transgender restrooms in the military than we are making coverings for our $100 million jets.’ … We have kids that are having to buy their own uniforms now in the military because we cannot afford to buy them a second or third set of uniforms.”

Tuberville concluded on a sobering note. “No. 1, when you get up every morning and before you go to bed at night, pray for our country,” he implored. “Folks, we’re in trouble. God might be the only one to be able to help us get through this because this is the toughest time I’ve seen in my lifetime of 68 years in this country. … [I]n a year from November, we had better vote somebody that loves this country into the White House—somebody that actually knows what day it is; somebody that will fight for our kids or grandkids and for the things that this country stands for.”

Perkins then offered a prayer for the senator. “I pray for those who are standing up for our nation. And I pray for Sen. Tuberville. Thank you for his stand. May you encourage him and may others stand with him. And Lord, may you hear our prayers and may you turn this nation back to you.”

This article was originally published in The Washington Stand.

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