Beyond Fate: How America Can Fulfill Its Destiny and Illuminate the Path to a Better World

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America is a land of prosperity; a shining beacon of light that illuminates an otherwise dark world wherever it lays its flag. It is a land built on the promise of freedom and liberty from the constraints of government, and on the fulfillment of one’s destiny. It is not a land built on one religion, but it is a land under God. It is not a land built on one culture, but it is a land built on a shared idea.

America has prospered for generations and has become a world superpower precisely because its people do not live in fear, but in freedom, that they do not live for themselves, but for their shared destiny. It is a land that has had its trials but has continually changed because of its foundational promises.

The nation has been plagued by a pervasive sickness that has tainted its very essence for almost a decade. The people are bitterly divided, the government has lost credibility, and leadership has been compromised. This internal decay has created vulnerabilities that adversaries can exploit to wage covert warfare against us without any formal declaration of war.

But America isn’t alone. Our entire world has seen this sickness spread between countries, causing civil unrest and calls to tear down the very fabric of society.

In their haste for immediate progress, many have sought to dismantle the very systems that give them a voice, disregarding the long-term consequences of their actions. Such shortsightedness may yield short-term gains, but ultimately risks jeopardizing the very foundations that allow us to build a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

America’s global leadership is a double-edged sword, providing benefits when we thrive, but also inflicting harm when we falter. The repercussions of America’s decline have cascading effects that extend far beyond its borders, jeopardizing the safety of even those countries seemingly poised to take its place.

As the lifeblood of the world, the stakes are high, and the consequences of failing to fulfill our destiny are significant. It is imperative that we address the challenges facing our nation and restore its strength and stability, not just for our own sake but for the sake of the world.

The question of America’s decline is a complex one, but the clear reason for this downward spiral is a loss of morality and a sense of purpose in its people.

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Many people have become focused on immediate gratification and have lost sight of the bigger picture. They prioritize their own self-interest and disregard the future consequences of their actions. There is a lack of concern for the long-term, and an impatience with the slow and steady work required to effect lasting change.

This mindset is hindering progress and perpetuating a cycle of shortsighted decision-making that is ultimately detrimental to society.

That is not how America works, that is not how society works, and that is not how society will ever work. But people believe it should, and this has led to a decline in morality and respect for one another. It has caused the concerning trend of polarization and political tribalism.

The lines between political parties and ideological beliefs have become blurred, and individuals are quick to label those who disagree with them as enemies rather than engage in constructive dialogue. The concept of nuanced or complex opinions is often dismissed, and individuals are expected to adhere to a strict party line.

A Democrat today who is anti-abortion will find no respect or place in the halls of the Democratic National Committee, nor will a Republican who is pro-abortion in the halls of the Republican National Committee. We either agree entirely, or we are enemies. That is what America has become.

We must look into ourselves for a deeper meaning and determine what is more important—finding agreement or being respectful.

By choosing to love our neighbors regardless of whether they agree with us, we can help to heal the sickness that has afflicted the world. Our efforts can bring about a sense of harmony and peace not just within our own country but also throughout the planet.

By abandoning our weapons and refraining from using charged language, we can put an end to the conflicts and tensions that plague our society and the world. By focusing on the values and principles that unite us as human beings, we can find common ground and work toward a better future for all.

The way forward for our country and the world lies in our ability to heal and cooperate rather than engage in conflict. It is no longer tenable to prioritize our own interests and success; we must acknowledge that our individual and collective prosperity is intrinsically linked to our aggregate success.

It is imperative that we work toward a shared goal of creating a brighter future for ourselves, our children, and all people, no matter their country or background.


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