Your Physical Shell and Your Life

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You are born with physical shell, namely your body. It might be strong or weak; it might cause you great joy or endless misery. Whatever its condition, it affects you. It is, biologically speaking, all you have to work with in life.

Many people spend considerable time obsessing over their bodies, especially imperfections, inadequacies, or parts they wish they could magically change. If you’re unhappy about some part of your body that you can change for the better, go for it. If your body is weak and you want it to be strong, visit the gym. If you don’t like your nose and have the money and desire for plastic surgery, have it changed. Still, some things about our bodies remain beyond our control.

If the source of your unhappiness is outside your control (i.e., your feet are too big), then accept that fact and move on. If your dissatisfaction is due to unrealistic expectations (i.e., you still have not made People Magazine’s list of sexiest men or women), recognize that not looking like a supermodel or movie star doesn’t mean that your body isn’t capable of amazing things.

Compare Thee Not

Try not to compare your body to everyone else’s. This habit fosters depression and frustration. Avoid looking at fashion magazines that display female models with up to 20% less than average body weight. One study showed that 59% of women experience lower self-esteem after looking at a fashion magazine for only 20 seconds.

Instead, set your own goals for how you want your body to look and what you want your body to accomplish. Focus on celebrating and rejoicing in what your body can do and the things you like about it. Even the ability to walk is extraordinary. Cherish it!

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