Profile: Christ Medicus Foundation Works to Renew Healthcare For Catholics

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Navigating today’s healthcare scene can often be a treacherous experience, from the rising cost, to the promotion of the culture of death, to medical advice that doesn’t align with right morality. 

Thankfully, there are solutions now available that prioritize caring for the body as well as mind and spirit. The Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF), for example, takes a holistic approach – providing healthcare by and for Catholics. 

As Catholics continue to witness anti-life government mandates that strip faith, love, and community out of the healthcare system, CMF Executive Director Louis Brown says people are left feeling isolated and objectified as mere means of profit rather than patients to be loved. 

Founded to counter attacks on religious freedom and conscience rights in the medical field, CMF is a Catholic healthcare ministry that seeks to share the healing love of Christ. CMF does this largely through CURO, an online health and wellness portal and community.

In an interview with CatholicVote, Brown shared how the founding of the organization was driven by political attacks on medical conscience and religious freedom in America. 

“For many years, so many Catholics were unaware of just how steeped the culture of death was in the healthcare of this country,” said Brown, 

until the HHS contraceptive mandate came out starting around 2011. I think that it sparked a greater urgency within the Catholic community to choose Christ-centered, truly pro-life healthcare and wellness programs for oneself, family, and business. I think that, through the help of the Holy Spirit, energized the launch of CURO.

By joining the CURO platform, members gain access to a host of Catholic health and wellness resources, including personal health coaching, bioethics counseling for answering the tough moral questions, and even spiritual direction.

Committed to fostering community and providing Christ-centered medical resources, CURO offers three paid membership options tailored to one’s medical needs. All three options include access to CURO’s online Catholic community and a wealth of premium health and wellness tools such as courses, webinars, and a digital wellness program. 

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One membership plan features an option for health sharing, which serves the need for finding affordable healthcare that is pro-life and aligns with Church teaching. The health sharing services are offered through Samaritan Ministries International. This membership plan also provides assistance in finding Catholic care providers nearby. 

Battling a Lack of Catechesis

CURO provides 22 online wellness courses that are rooted in Catholicism and combine faith and science. The courses are loaded with practical medical and wellness information that also shows how biological realities reflect spiritual reality.

That means no abortion, no sterilization, and no artificial contraception that masks underlying fertility issues.

“We live in a time where investing in Christ-centered healthcare is more vital than ever,” Mariah Buzza, CMF’s assistant director of health policy and member community, told CatholicVote. “This is something that will tangibly promote the healing love of Christ into our world.”

Brown added a nod to Our Lady:

We believe that the Holy Spirit, through CURO, is bringing individuals and families into the womb of the Blessed Mother, where we can heal, be whole, and live as sons and daughters in our health and wellness.For more information on the Christ Medicus Foundation and the CURO platform, visit

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