Good Riddance to Kim Foxx, Chicago’s Soros-Backed Rogue Prosecutor

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The first big city, George Soros-backed rogue prosecutor, Chicago’s Kim Foxx, announced Tuesday that she won’t seek reelection next year as the state’s attorney of Cook County, Illinois. 

In a defensive, rambling speech at the City Club of Chicago, the controversial Foxx, a Democrat, claimed that she never wanted to make a career out of being Chicago’s chief prosecutor. 

Good thing, because the Democratic machine likely showed her the exit since she had become a political liability for the party, which many increasingly view as associated with rising crime rates (which, to be fair, are largely due to soft-on-crime policies). 

In a poetic, politically orchestrated moment, Toni Preckwinkle, president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners and the person who plucked Foxx from obscurity and elevated her to power, introduced Foxx at the event. 

Known as the “queen of Chicago politics” and the “iron fist in the velvet glove,” Preckwinkle hired Foxx as her deputy chief of staff many years ago. As we detail in our upcoming book “Rogue Prosecutors: How Radical Soros Lawyers Are Destroying America’s Communities,” Preckwinkle later deftly manipulated the machinery of Chicago politics and ushered Foxx to victory in the primary and into office in 2016. Donations from liberal financier George Soros helped to grease the skids along the way. 

Foxx was, and continues to be, a disaster as Cook County state’s attorney. She mangled the Jussie Smollett hate-crime hoax case, for which she was investigated and found to have provided at least six misleading or false statements to the public.

Career law-and-order prosecutors in Foxx’s office left, not wanting to be part of an office that didn’t prosecute criminals. The office’s relationship with the Chicago Police Department deteriorated because Foxx focused more on “racial equity” than on prosecuting career criminals. 

As in every other city with a Soros-funded rogue prosecutor, crime exploded in Chicago, including homicides. But not according to Kim Foxx.

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In her forced farewell speech, which she laced with racial overtones, Foxx noted that she took office in late 2016, and then audaciously claimed that “in 2017, homicides went down.”

“That was my first full year in office,” Foxx said. “In 2018, violent crime went down again, more than it did in 2017; my second year in office. In 2019, it might surprise you, violent crime, homicides, went down again for the third year I was in office.”

Of course, she only obliquely referenced the absolute explosion in violent crime in the past two to three years, and instead tried to blame “a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.”

But that’s not right. Her policies are the problem. And the dead bodies under her watch are still adding up day after day. 

The numbers tell the story, no matter what Foxx says. Here are the homicide numbers for the six years before Foxx took office:

2011: 431

2012: 500

2013: 414

2014: 411

2015: 478

2016: 778

Foxx, elected in November 2016, took office the following Dec. 1.

Here are the homicide figures for her first six years as state’s attorney:

2017: 660

2018: 579

2019: 498

2020: 772

2021: 797

2022: 695

In other words, 3,011 homicides occurred in the six years before she took office, an average of 501 per year.

A total of 4,001 homicides occurred in her six years in office, an average of 666 per year.

To put it another way, an average of 165 more homicides have occurred per year for the six long years (and counting) that Foxx  has been Chicago’s top prosecutor.

Three years ago, in our first research paper on the rogue prosecutor movement, we noted that the movement’s Achilles heel was rising crime rates. Those behind the movement, such as George Soros and the organization Fair & Just Prosecution, understand that rising crime rates are political kryptonite to them.   

So, like any many other politicians, Foxx, rather than admitting that her policies have failed and caused crime rates to explode, went on offense, saying: “It feels convenient to suggest that one person, one entity, one office, that I just described … to suggest that this administration is somehow responsible for a rise in violent crime is disingenuous at best, and a lie.”

But the cat is out of the bag. The entire “progressive prosecutor” movement is premised on the fact that one person—the elected district attorney or state’s attorney—can act as gatekeeper to the criminal justice system. This one person can decide whether to prosecute, whom to prosecute, which crimes to prosecute, and which crimes to ignore.  

As Emily Bazelon wrote in her book “Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration”: “Change who occupies the prosecutor’s office, and you can make the system operate differently.” 

Foxx, Preckwinkle, Soros, the Democratic Party, and other supporters of the rogue prosecutor movement know this. In fact, that’s the whole point of the movement, and why Soros and others are focused on electing district attorneys.   

Sadly, Foxx didn’t resign in disgrace, as she should have.  Instead, she will remain the Cook County state’s attorney for 18 more months. That’s 18 more months in which murder and mayhem essentially will be given free rein in Chicago.

Of course, Chicago’s new mayor, Democrat Brandon Johnson, will take office May 15.  And the Democratic National Convention will take place in Chicago next year. Those in power likely want to make sure that Kim Foxx will be out of the spotlight, politically speaking, by then because her failed policies—and the bodies proving their failure—are too hard to ignore. 

Foxx is the third major Soros-funded or -inspired rogue prosecutor to leave office or announce plans to do so. San Franciscans recalled Chesa Boudin. Voters in Baltimore, Maryland, rejected the allegedly corrupt and incompetent Marilyn Mosby.

Now Kim Foxx has added herself to that short list. That list will grow, hopefully, if such rogue prosecutors don’t change their dangerous and deadly policies.

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