A Tale of Two ‘Insurrections’

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Democrats are just appalled that Republicans would dare call a “mostly peaceful” storming of a Capitol building an “insurrection.” Any comparison to what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, is just outrageous, they say.

Following a mass shooting by a transgender person at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, several protests erupted in Tennessee and other state Capitols.

When the protests in Nashville and elsewhere became not quite so peaceful, legacy media “fact checkers” leaped into action. They twisted and turned to assure everyone that when left-wing activists take over a Capitol, it’s totally different than if Donald Trump’s supporters do it. 

Videos of protesters scuffling with police were quickly “contextualized” by our “objective” press to make sure your lying eyes didn’t deceive you.

The fact checkers have spoken, and you’re going to accept whatever narrative they feed you, whether you like it or not.

What a joke.

It wasn’t just gun control activists in the fray. Pro-transgender demonstrators protested at, and in some cases stormed, many other state Capitol buildings. It has been truly amazing to witness, given the shooting just a few days earlier.

At this point, Democrats and their media allies really do just tell people the equivalent of “2+2=5” and fully expect Americans to buy it without question.

This isn’t necessarily new. What’s different, though, is that they now seem to think their institutional dominance is so complete that they don’t even have to pause for a moment before leaning into their message of choice. There isn’t a single story they can’t spin to fit their cause du jour.

And they don’t care one bit if you point out their hypocrisy, their double standards, their outright absurdities.

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That the left-wing narrative-peddling machine would use the Nashville shooting to immediately promote gun control was a given. 

What’s notable and different about that shooting and its aftermath is the speed at which the shooter’s identity became the “mainstream” liberal cause to rally around.

In almost every instance, and no matter how tenuous, the identity of a victim is essential to left-wing messaging about how America is racist, sexist, or bigoted, and in need of transformational change to sweep away the stains of our national failings.

In this case, the victims’ identities were almost entirely erased. The shooter has been transformed into a casualty of the system.

“Every death is a tragedy, y’all. Seven lives,” one protester yelled in the Tennessee protest. There were seven people killed in the Nashville shooting—but only if you include the shooter.

The killing of six Christians—less than two weeks before Easter—was shoved out of the news in favor of the real story they wanted us to hear.

“As Tennessee was mourning those killed in a mass shooting at a Christian school this week, speculation about the killer’s gender identity was quickly weaponized in an ongoing battle against transgender and LGBTQ rights,” CBC News reported.

It gets worse. More from CBC News:

Some right-wing groups, media outlets, politicians and commentators quickly seized on the shooter’s gender identity, inflaming already contentious debates. …

There are fears the situation may get worse if the shooting is used as a catalyst to advance legislation seen as taking away the rights of transgender and other LGBTQ people.

This sort of reporting was hardly an outlier. The real victims here aren’t the six Christians who were killed; it’s the left-wing social causes.

Just like with the Black Lives Matter protests that in many cases turned violent, the media quickly concocted a justification for why invading our state Capitols is actually fine—this time.

Days after the shooting, this was what the Biden White House was talking about:

The White House also put out a “Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility,” saying that an “epidemic of violence against transgender women and girls, in particular women and girls of color, has taken lives far too soon.”

Again, what about the Christians who were slain or might be targeted due to their religion? That’s worth little more than a joke from our president, Mr. Unity.

Much like the recent indictment of former President Trump, the way the two “insurrections” have been treated by the powers that be demonstrates that there is increasingly a two-tiered system developing in this country. 

On one side, the institutions will aid you and come to your defense; on the other, they will be weaponized to punish you. 

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