7 Ways to Counter Threat of Chinese Communist Party

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The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest adversary of the United States, national security experts say. So, what can you do to counter its threat?

Bryan Burack, a senior policy adviser focusing on China and the Indo-Pacific at The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, appears in a new video to listi seven things Americans can do right now to respond to the threat of Communist China. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)


Burack’s list:

1. Delete TikTok. Every day TikTok stays online, Americans continue to be exposed to Chinese Communist Party surveillance and propaganda due to TikTok’s parent company ByteDance.

2. Vote with your wallet. Don’t support the companies, like those in Hollywood and sports leagues, that whitewash China’s human rights abuses, like their Uyghur genocide.

3. Be conscious of the source of your goods. When there are alternatives, buy products made in America or in allied countries, and ask your representatives what they’re doing to reshore the industries that we lost to China.

4. Ask your school or alma mater if they’re protecting students from CCP repression or influence. Have they divested any endowment from China, reported funding from China, and cut off cooperation with Chinese government-linked entities, like Confucius Institutes?

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5. Make sure your savings aren’t funding our adversary. Don’t let the big banks, pension funds, and VCs that have invested over a trillion dollars into China use your money to undermine our country.

6. Read up on why Taiwan matters for national security. Learn how we can prioritize our military strength in the Indo-Pacific. China wants us weak, complacent, and distracted.

7. Hold your elected representatives accountable. Ask friends and family to do the same. To learn more, subscribe to The Heritage Foundation’s YouTube channel.

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