Arrest Made In Attack Of Buffalo Pregnancy Resource Center

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CV NEWS FEED // A suspect has been arrested in a recent attack on CompassCare pregnancy resource center (PRC) in Buffalo, NY. 

After allegedly defacing CompassCare’s roadside sign, 39-year old Hannah Kamke was arrested and charged with one count of criminal mischief. According to the Amherst Police Department, Kamke will face a mandatory 1 – 5 year prison sentence if convicted. 

In a press release provided to CatholicVote, CompassCare’s CEO Jim Harden said that the center had also been firebombed in June, 2022, but no arrests had been made despite the incident being reported to the FBI. However, he added that the FBI had provided forensic analysis in the latest attack to identify Kamke with the vandalized sign. 

Harden said in a press statement,“This arrest represents an indictment on the FBI and the hundreds of other local law enforcement agencies that have allowed the FBI to usurp their investigative duty.” 

He continued:

“The FBI has less evidence for the March 16 vandalism than they do for the June 7 firebombing, yet they somehow were able to identify a suspect and make an arrest within days. We’ve been saying all along that the FBI possesses this kind of forensic power but has chosen not to employ it on behalf of pro-life people when victimized by pro-abortion Maoist Antifa.” 

Since the initial Roe v. Wade opinion draft was leaked in May, 2022, CatholicVote has tracked at least 83 attacks on PRC’s nationwide. Abortion activists have targeted PRCs with arson, firebombing, graffiti, window smashing, and other violent acts. Until this latest incident with CompassCare, only two other arrests have been reported.

All three arrests reported to date have been made by local law enforcement.  

According to the press release CompassCare is looking to charge Kamke with civil charges under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which has been utilized by the Justice Department to target pro-life activists. 

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CatholicVote Director of Government Affairs Tom McClusky remarked, “This is one step forward, but it’s also a slap in the face. Attorney General Merrick Garland has admitted these kinds of attacks are a nation-wide pandemic – let’s hope he does the right thing in at least one case and actually enforces federal law.”  

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