Notes from Permission to Win, by Ray Pelletier

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The formula for winning in life, whether you’re in jail or in chemotherapy or in a championship locker room or in the executive suite, is intuitive and instinctive. It’s within everyone of us…

* Winners don’t make room for negative thinking. Giving yourself permission to win isn’t just a great motivational philosophy when you take into account everything it does for you, it’s an absolute necessity.

* Everyday is your January 1st. This is the day you give yourself to accomplish your mission, set the right goals, and put it all down on paper.

* Compatibility between two people who are different but obviously like each other can be achieved if they celebrate their differences and don’t view them as obstacles. They both need to be open to new ways of looking at things, establishing new priorities, and having respect for each others’ life experiences.

* The world is getting smaller and more complicated and challenging. The need for meaningful relationships that will last and can weather the immense changes are more important than ever.

* “Catching the football is all mental. You can put all the stickum on your hands you want, but what it really comes down to is pure concentration.” — NFL football player.

* Excuses are loser’s tools. Excuses keep you from facing problems and fixing them. They keep you from learning and progressing. You don’t have time for excuses.

* The greatest thinkers and most influential people in history share one common belief — it is more blessed to give than to receive. You cannot be happy and fulfilled unless you give to others. It’s as important to your well-being as food and water.

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* It’s too easy to develop tunnel vision, closing ourselves off in our own small world of interest as if we’re the universe — oblivious to outside learning experiences, ideas, and new ways of doing things.

* Now it is time, time to go to the mirror and say to yourself I give you permission to win. Does it sound silly? Trivial? Don’t be so sure. Call up your champion, decide to win, give yourself permission.

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