Choices You Can Make About Aging

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Wanting to stay young is a universal desire for many people. Who among us wants to feel the aches and pains often associated with aging? By making profound choices about the inevitability of our own aging, we actually increase the probability of aging with better health, more energy, and vibrancy.

The affirmations below, repeated out loud or silently, over many days, eventually sink in: your subconscious will regard these affirmations as direct commands.

Let it Sink In

When you say, for example, “I desire to relish the years I have left,” you are giving yourself permission to embrace your life with more energy. Likewise, with all the other choices below, you can say them to yourself out loud or silently, and you will find yourself feeling good about your age. You might feel full of energy.

* I choose to feel good about my age.

* I choose to accept the inevitability of aging.

* I choose to relish the years I have left.

* I choose to make the most of the opportunities my age affords.

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* I choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

* I choose to allow myself the rest I need.

* I choose to benefit from new health breakthroughs.

* I choose to engage in a regular exercise program.


* I choose to be a role model to my peers.

* I choose to be a role model to those younger than me.

* I choose to be an advocate for my age group.

* I choose to join and support peer associations.


* I choose to become newer each day.

* I choose to respect age differences.

* I choose to be vibrant and energetic.

* I choose to face the future with confidence.


* I choose to confidently forsake what no longer supports me.

* I choose to help my partner feel comfortable about his/her aging.

* I choose to uphold the tenets of generational equity.

* I choose to accept aging as a part of the miracle of life.

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