Mini-Movie Reviews, 4

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Mini-Movie Reviews, 4

All three of the following movie are worthy in one respect or another:

The Good Nurse — with Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne is one of the gems of the season. Both of them knock it out of the park in this medical drama about a male nurse who is fixated on subtly killing patients.

Empire of Light — starring Olivia Colman, Colin Firth, and a newcomer headed for stardom, Micheal Ward, recreates England in the early 1980s and is an unheralded, little seen movie that is tastefully done.

Women Talking — offers an excellent ensemble cast headed by Rooney Mara and Claire Foy. This is a compelling movie even with its pale lighting, pale colors, and drab scenery. Because of dire circumstances, the women of a Mennonite community might vacate their village to start new lives, but the plot holes are enormous:

They all have been continually abused by village men for years, but only determined the culprits the day before the story takes place. All of the men are away from the village at the same time. The women cannot read or write yet have extensive vocabularies and outstanding command of the English. They’ve never been out of the village, have no money, have no knowledge of the outside world, and have never seen a map. On and on it goes. Regardless, this is still a good movie.

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