Kamala’s Path is Destructive

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The following article, Kamala’s Path is Destructive, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Kamala Harris, is proving to be the perfect complement to Joe Biden. The Vice President
of the United States mangles what she says almost every other time she’s in public. You can
count on her for ‘word salads’ that are either cringe-worthy, or all together unfathomable.

Last week Harris explained, “I know we’re all thinking about the families in Florida and
Puerto Rico with hurricane Fiona, and what we need to do to help them in terms of immediate
response and aid… We have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on
equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity.”

She continued, “Understanding not everyone starts out in the same place, and if we want
people to be in an equal place, sometimes we have to take into account those disparities.”
Harris, you see, is all about chasing the illusive notion of ‘equality of results,’ whether it’s
following a natural disaster or virtually any other aspect of society.

A Life of Illusions

After Kamala’s ill-conceived message, Christina Pushaw, the rapid response director for
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, jumped on Harris’s words and rightfully so:
Harris is fixated on the equality of results trap, in which most Marxists and socialists ensnared
for their entire lives.

Hurricanes aside, Kamala Harris believes that equal opportunity in the U.S. is not
sufficient. Her raison d’être is championing equal results. Wikipedia says, “Achieving equal
results generally entails reducing or eliminating material inequalities between individuals or
households in a society and usually involves a transfer of income or wealth from wealthier to
poorer individuals, or adopting other measures to promote equality of condition.”

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As do so many on the Left, Harris thinks that the role of government and of society at
large is to ensure equality of outcomes. ‘Residents’ of America, illegal aliens included, ought to
enjoy the same benefits as everybody else. In her view, it’s not nearly enough to offer
individuals a sound education, counseling, job training, apprentice programs, equal employment
opportunity, and unemployment compensation.

Mired in Never Never Land

Here we go again: As with all ideas that the Left supports, if something sounds good
then, gosh, it must be so! Let’s have it passed in Congress!

The unrelenting problem with this political viewpoint is not everybody gives the same
effort. Do you recall the kids in your high school class who constantly were slacking off? How
about the ones who smoked behind the school building? And the students who often were tardy
or absent? Or, who constantly made trouble?

Some of these students were regarded as the cool kids, showing up in all the right places
around town and having a fun time (largely because they were not doing much homework).

They didn’t study hard like you did. Hey, no problem! In the world of Kamala Harris, they each
receive a free, all encompassing, lifetime, ‘hall’ pass.

Do you also recall the kids who cheated on exams? Or, perhaps their lesser sin was
cramming the night before a test and barely passing. You, on the other hand, started preparing
days in advance by reviewing the homework assignments and exercises in the text book.

What’s New Pussycat?

In the workaday world today some of your ex-classmates, the ones who slacked off, are
still proceeding in the same way. They drink or smoke or are chemically dependent. They look
forward to taking the easy way out. Predictably, they desire more and more government
benefits. They vote Democratic, because the party keeps dangling proverbial carrots in front of

“Equality of results” is a socialist/Marxist if not communist platform. The notion reveals
the major inherent flaws in the thinking of its advocates. Globally, nations which strive for
equality of results dampen the spirits of their own citizenry.

Invariably the intrusion of government elites, such as Harris, into so many aspects of
people’s lives ultimately yields the emergence of a ruling class that is above all others. These
puppet masters contend that they uniquely possess the wisdom to ascertain what is best for
everyone, and exactly how these remarkable outcomes will be achieved.

In reality, the elites gum up the works. Favoritism rules. As in George Orwell’s Animal
Farm, some animals (people) are “more equal” than others. Societies that mandate “equality of
results” drive people to emigrate to places like America, or at least the few free parts of Europe.

Conversely, nobody risks their lives and their fortunes to live where a privileged ruling
class, who are ‘more equal’ than the rest, determines what is best for everyone.

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Jeff Davidson
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