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CV NEWS FEED // With its 2,000th issue on September 8, CatholicVote’s the LOOP asked readers to send in their feedback: What do you love about the LOOP?

“LOOPers” responded in force.

One longtime LOOP reader wrote in: “First, thank you for the Truth. Second, Love that you do the research for the important news to come in one email! Third, We’ve been blessed to be with you from the start!”

Not every LOOPer knows what they’re getting into, but once they come, they stay. Diana W. wrote:

My husband and son grudgingly accepted joining so I could work on getting some non-existent friends to join (I want that Coffee Cup badly!!!). Now they LOVE it! and it’s a source of frequent conversations. Keep up the wonderful work!

Truth was a major theme. Another reader wrote:

Question: What do I love about the LOOP?

Answer: The answer’s very simple. The Truth and Honesty found in the LOOP brings immense integrity to your writings and inspires confidence in being Catholic. Thank you for being you. Greatly appreciated.

Finding a Catholic perspective on current events can be difficult, and readers expressed their appreciation for the LOOP’s trustworthy take on the news. “CatholicVote has become my go-to for daily news with a Catholic perspective on world events,” said another avid LOOPer. 

The LOOP has become part of many Catholics’ daily routine. “My day is not complete without the LOOP,” wrote one:

I read it each morning right after all my prayers, including the Rosary. It has kept me informed of matters that affect all Catholics. I love it that it is true journalism. It reports the facts, letting me reach the conclusions… In a world where my Catholic faith is always under attack, I appreciate knowing there are others out there fighting the good fight.

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And another:

I am thankful for the LOOP. It is one of the two main ways that I keep up with the news of the day. I love that it covers areas that affect our Catholic faith and has information that no one else has. I love that it has feast days and the readings of the day and the top reflects the liturgical seasons as well as the weather seasons.

Other readers highlighted the LOOP’s convenient format and their gratitude that the LOOP team does the hard work of weeding through the headlines for them.

I want to thank you for all the hard work the staff of CatholicVote puts into the LOOP emails. I have found them very helpful and I use this as my main source of news. 

Another wrote: 

I used to think that Catholic news was so limited, but we are now seeing in no uncertain terms that EVERY issue is a Catholic issue for people who care about morality and the very existence and well-being of the human race. I love the LOOP because it’s basically ALL the news I need.

One self-described “senior citizen” is a newcomer to the LOOP, but appreciates a voice in the media that promotes good news.

Congrats. I’m a relatively new reader of the Loop – maybe a year or so. I love the short synopsis of each entry and I can pursue the ones that I need to know more about. I’m so glad you include positive materials as it can be pretty sickening to read what this world has come to…

Another LOOPer also appreciates the positive stories: “When the news of the day is bleak, I appreciate the links to the Saint of the Day, recipes and other positive stories. Thank you for being a clear Catholic voice crying out in the wilderness of social media!”

Other LOOPers expressed their appreciation for the opportunities the LOOP offers for them to take action and contact their representatives.

I love [CatholicVote’s] success with the Supreme Court justices. And I used your letters to contact my senators in hopes of having the Protect Marriage Act fail. I am a retired lawyer and I appreciate a news service I can trust. So much of other news sources is left-leaning and frustrating to read.

And finally, John and Angela wrote:

We both look forward to the Loop each day.  The readings, the saint of the day, important issues concerning the Church and the world and especially USA.  Love seeing the beautiful pictures of churches and cathedrals.  Also like the trivia questions.  So…I guess we like it all.

Thank you

CatholicVote and the editor of the LOOP are delighted with the feedback. Here’s to another 2,000 LOOPs!

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