MCDANIEL: Here’s How Suffragettes Inspire Conservative Women Today

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Aug. 26 marks the 102nd anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote and was an important step toward equal representation in our government.

As the second woman to serve as chair of the Republican National Committee and the longest-serving chair in recent RNC history, the Nineteenth Amendment is especially significant to me. The suffragettes — the trailblazing women who fought for our right to vote a century ago — are the reason why I and millions of other American women have been able to achieve what we have. As Democrats increasingly wage war on women, their example of tenacity and courage is more relevant than ever.

Of course, their victories didn’t come without sacrifice. Visionaries like Susan B. Anthony dedicated their lives to the cause of women’s suffrage and led the charge for the Nineteenth Amendment. Suffragettes who picketed the White House and blocked traffic were arrested. Activists like Lucy Burns and Dora Lewis suffered mistreatment and harassment in prison.

But their legacies live on. Just a few generations later, American women today not only enjoy the right to vote, but also hold positions of influence, from Fortune 500 board rooms to the halls of Congress. As chairwoman of the Republican Party, I’m honored to work with capable, accomplished women all over the country.

These ladies love America as much as I do and believe she is worth fighting for. I’m grateful to have such a strong army of allies in the cause for liberty.

In fact, much of the political realignment underway has been propelled by women in general and mothers in particular. Just look at Virginia, where moms outraged by the scandals and controversy in their kids’ schools proved to be the driving force behind Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s victory.

All over the country, we’re seeing moms shocked by the anti-American and sexually-explicit content in their kids’ curricula speaking out at school board meetings. They’re outraged that their daughters are being forced to share locker rooms and bathrooms with and compete against males in their own sports.

They’re stunned that their kids are being accused of sexual harassment for failing to refer to classmates by their “preferred pronouns.” They’re alarmed by the tidal wave of radical gender theory flooding classrooms. They’re upset that their kids are being taught to identify “racist” family members. And that’s not even to mention the other struggles women are facing, like finding feminine products or tracking down baby formula to feed their hungry infants.

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As a mother myself, I know how they feel. When I discovered that my daughter’s school assigned her a novel that depicted pedophilia, I and dozens of other parents pushed back at our local school board meeting. It worked. Rather than requiring the book, the board allowed parents to choose between three different pieces of literature.

Five years later, the pressure has reached a boiling point. Mothers all over the country are taking action. They’re seeking alternatives to their kids’ toxic schools and taking advantage of private, charter, and homeschool opportunities. We’re seeing moms from all walks of life dedicating time and energy to recalling woke school board members and holding them accountable.

In some cases, they’re even stepping up to run for office themselves. From Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Virginia Lieutenant Gov. Winsome Sears at the state-level to California’s Michelle Steel and Tiffany Smiley running for House and Senate seats, moms are jumping into the fray.

And they’re winning — which has Democrats nervous. More than any elected official or high-powered executive, it’s moms who pose the biggest threat to Democrats’ woke agenda. That’s why the Biden administration has weaponized the Justice Department against parents who speak out at school board meetings and are tracking them with a “threat tag.” They want us to sit down and shut up.

But we refuse to be silenced. Democrats have women and children in their crosshairs, and moms are rising to the occasion. Thanks to fearless women with steel backbones, America has become the best place on earth to be a woman.

Now, it’s up to us to step up and ensure that the blessings of liberty are preserved for generations to come. Will you join me?

Ronna McDaniel is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

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Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact

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