I witnessed the California wildfires, here’s what went wrong

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For those of us unfortunate enough to see the smoke from Arizona and have wicked memories of record-breaking California fires, anxiety is probably kicking in.

Throughout the four years of President Trump’s administration, so many horrendous things occurred that were never really discussed as far as justice. When fires popped up from nowhere and allowed to burn entire neighborhoods, all while firefighters were basically handcuffed by liberals and their water usage, it became clear what the motive was. The politicians wanted California to burn. Nothing was done when videos of drones, pyromaniacs, and unknown arsonists were reported to the authorities after witnesses saw them lighting fires. Don’t get me wrong: I understand fires are common in CA, however structures, homes, displacements, total losses, and length of time they burned, were astronomical. They recruited thousands of firefighters, planes, choppers, and the teams of firefighters were unprecedented, but they weren’t allowed to do their jobs.

Helpless bystanders

I witnessed the ‘Thomas Fire’ which blazed across Ventura and Santa Barbara, starting December 4, 2017. My husband and I watched helplessly out our front window while a huge fire burned less than a mile away. It was night, and the fire was all around us. The suspicion began when we watched the fire get extinguished, then light up again 10 minutes later. I have video from my front porch in Ventura showing the fire, and video of a white government truck that drive up to the top of a hill, started a fire, and left. This was not a back-fire, which is when firefighters start small fires in front of the large blaze to starve the fire of fuel.

My stepson, who lived in Siskiyou County, told us before the fire was statewide, he was approached and offered money to commit arson, but didn’t know at the time what was about to happen. We watched the fire department stand back and do nothing as the fire jumped roads, engulfed homes, barns, businesses, and cost hundreds of lives of residents and animals. Why? Because liberals in CA are dumb enough to think they’d use up all the water if they allowed firefighters to actually put them out.

Its almost like our government is trying anything and everything to destroy certain neighborhoods, using fires, crime, Covid, education, taxes, etc., and we need to figure out possible motives.

Are they pushing conservatives out of specific areas?

Are they creating justification to request tens of millions in emergency aid to cover up their corruption the past few decades?

Are they purposely clearing land to use for their next money making scheme, like low income housing, and multimillion dollar properties? Trying to pollute the air enough to try to pass unnecessary ‘Green New Deal’-style bills?

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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What’s really going on?

Here’s the facts….fires allowed them more money, more emergency orders, more excuses, more distractions, and until we stand up and say ‘enough!’, our homes will burn. You might not think an emergency declaration is profitable for corrupt politicians, but it is. How many dirty politicians own land, apartments, multimillion dollar homes, cars, businesses, vineyards, farms, etc.?

Notice how the media reported on at least a dozen arsonists, but we never heard about what happened to them? California suffered more destruction from over a solid year of fires, yet did nothing to prevent them. Here we are again.

I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist a couple times, but look at it this way…..how many lies have we discovered in just the last four to five years? How many inhumane, disturbing, and corrupt actions have politicians been caught doing in recent years? Everything I’ve ever accused these monsters of has been true. I never imagined so many liars, crooks, cons, and backstabbing double talkers were actually in positions of power, because I had no clue our election process was so screwed up. We all trusted those in power to be somewhat honest, fair, and believed our legal system would punish those who weren’t. We were too gullible for too long.

Photos don’t even do it justice

Pics below give an idea how close my home was to the fires in Ventura in 2017. I watched as the flames died all the way down, and watched as it reignited while firefighters were standing there without a single drop of water being used! Why? This was in midtown Ventura, not the forest. We watched homes beyond those flames burn down. We saw single homes burn down, while every other house on the block was untouched. How? Just like many other emergency and federal-run catastrophe responses, the story on the ground was completely opposite of what they claimed.

Another scary thought…I’ve been told members of ANTIFA/BLM/DNC, were dressed as police officers during January 6th. How easy would it be to dress as a firefighter and light fires everywhere in California without being identified? This is huge homeland-security-warning-light. It’s happening! ANTIFA, BLM, ActBlue, and dozens of political underground groups have been involved in many unsolved events, especially those tragedies that were suddenly dropped when the next catastrophe occurred. (Think Jussie Smollet, Governor Whitmer, George Floyd, the Vegas massacre, Covington high school, Ashli Babbitt murder, and many more.)

Non-stop state of emergency

Here are some pics, as well as video, that shows the fires, and the smoke from the nonstop state of emergency in Ventura CA. The first five are pictures I snapped of a news alert on TV.

While this video was playing the news anchor was just babbling away and never mentioned anything about this. It’s a snapshot of a white truck – looks like a county vehicle – that drove to the top on this hill, where someone got out, started a fire, and drove off.

Being someone who was on the ground, who had to breathe this toxic smoke for weeks and months, who watched in disbelief as firefighters stood by while homeowners were forced to watch their entire life go up in smoke, who heard horror stories about water pipes collapsing in older areas of town, destroying any hope of recovering anything, who heard reports of arrests of arsonists while the politicians did their best to blame climate change, Donald Trump, and his voters, this was one of the scariest times I’ve ever experienced.

Wendy Laughridge
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