Weathering the Stormy Daniels Media Blitz

A Porn Star is Scorned

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Stephanie Clifford brought her rambling roadshow to Fantasies located in an industrial zone at the bottom of Baltimore. A local news channel and newspaper turned out to cover this fake news story as well as a national newspaper and a reporter for a British newspaper all to check out Stormy Daniels cavorting across the stage dangling on a stripper pole.

Stormy Daniels is reputed to have had an affair with President Trump 12 years ago when The Donald was simply a reality television gameshow host – that’s Twelve Years Ago in 2006. The current narrative claims that The Storm was given $130,000 USD by Trump attorney Michael Cohen to remain silent about an alleged affair during the closing days of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Donald Trump emerged victorious as President after securing the Electoral College. The left has refused to concede Clinton’s loss and have been protesting and resisting Trump’s presidency ever since the morning following his surprise upset. The American media and the left have been searching for any possible chance to impeach President Trump and are now rallying behind Stormy Daniels to become an agent of impeachment.

Horseface engrosses the curious in Baltimore

Stormy Daniels had scheduled two shows for three nights in a row. Hurricane Stormy launched her Baltimore residency on Thursday night April 19, 2018. The Storm finally appeared on stage at 11:00 pm dressed as Little Red Ridinghood.

Clifford danced and pranced and romanced the assembled crowd with her ageing feminine wiles conducting a humorous attempt at seduction and titillation. The Storm sported a large unsightly tattoo below her bellybutton.

Suddenly without notice shortly before 1:00 am, The Storm kicked off her second performance dressed as Wonder Woman. During this stint on stage, the obnoxiously loud and boorish DJ auctioned off a Tee shirt Stormy Daniels was rubbing all over her body and crevasses.

Ultimately, The Storm was only able to fetch a meager $100 winning bid for her soiled Tee shirt. After both lackluster pole dances, Clifford predictably crawled around the perimeter of the wide bar-top to personally greet those resting ringside and encourage all of them to cough up cash in hand.

Double Standards verse No Standards

But shall we pause for a moment to recall the female accusers for both President Donald Trump and President Bill Clinton? The relentless controversy raging in the American media targeting Trump for alleged behavior before he was president is in stark contrast to Clinton’s deliberate behavior while he was governor or president. And besides – if it wasn’t for double standards, the American media would have No standards at all.

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In the Republican presidential corner, we have Stephanie Clifford, Jessica Drake, Karen McDougal, and Summer Zervos. And in a previous democrat presidential corner in chronological order, there is Juanita Broddick, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, and Monica Lewinski.

These names represent only the more prominent women from both political aisles to either be promoted in the media or ignored by the media. There is no need to speculate if there are more women who should be counted on either list, the fact that these women are clamoring for recognition demonstrates that they each have a story that they each want to tell.

Paying for the privilege of promiscuity

The crowd attending this ridiculous carnival of carnal carnage was a mix of the usual players, the offbeat curious, and those hoping in anticipation of experiencing a train wreck. Polly, 48 from West Virginia, originally wanted to pay tribute to a woman who could save the universe from a Trump presidency. She abruptly became irate and refused to continue conversing with a follow-up.

Deborah, 37 from Pasadena, stated, “I hate Donald Trump and I was an exotic dancer”. Stache, 62 from Springfield, is a male boylesque performer looking to stage his own production entitled “The Follies of Treason”. The Storm agreed to pose for a provocative staged photo op with him. Stache remarked, “I have a lot of respect and admiration for Stormy”. CJ, 22 from Baltimore, said she was in attendance, “To support a feminist icon”.

With Clifford jettisoning that $130,000, this current preposterous stripping tour is a means by which The Storm has to make up the loss of that financial forfeiture by charging patrons in line for her singular meet and greet session: autographs were $20 and photographs were $20.

Unless you were probing a camera up her nasal canal, the media had to pay for access to interview the ageing stripper well past her prime. They denied my request to pay for a photo of Stormy Daniels by herself alone. My friend’s Stormy Daniels DVD went unsigned.

In fact, the Fantasy is not Reality

An acquaintance had initially requested to reserve a table a few days before the first night. They got back to him late on Thursday afternoon informing him all the tables were gone. As a consolation, they set up a single table for his party with an obstructed view. At the price the strip club was asking, they demonstrated they were clearly disorganized.

Not much can be said whatsoever for the shabby service at Fantasies. Surprisingly, it took a small while to place an appetizer order, then even more elapsed time to receive the menu items ordered, and finally a protracted amount of time to obtain the check and pay the final bill to exit the nightclub.

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