Thousands Demonstrate Peaceably in the Capitol

73 Millions Votes and Counting

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The dishonest American media projects that only Seventy-three million Americans voted for the reelection of President Donald Trump in support of a second term for the Oval Office occupant. Seventy-three million is a gawd awefoul lotta people. The Donald garnered 20 million more votes for President than incumbent Republican Ronald W. Reagan did in November 1984. This is impressive.

The only problem is that the American media would also have the gullible American populace believe that opposing challenger third-time candidate Biden actually amassed 78 million votes for his feeble candidacy. This a gargantuan whopping number for any credible nominee to achieve. But the circumstances surrounding this questionable election raises serious concern as to whether or not this national election was carried out on the up and up.

There does not appear to be any public confirmation by state authorities or in the press that the 50 states of our Union actually conducted purging of their voter rolls since the 2016 presidential election. If states did not revise their voter rolls with a legally required purging, then this failure could very will lead to an incredible source of exponential voter fraud on a national scale not orchestrated before by malevolent operatives on the left that should all be prosecuted for criminal activity punishable as a federal felony.

Conscious Connectivity

Women for America First had organized the Million MAGA Rally and March to occur on Saturday, November 14, 2020, but then had to labor to get its message out as major American media news outlets orchestrated a media blackout on this event to thwart and stifle turnout. Supporters of President Trump assembled at Freedom Plaza and then marched on the U.S. Supreme Court building to demonstrate for a voter fraud investigation.

The right of every registered American voter to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice and anticipate an honest vote tally of the votes as cast state by state is defiled by manufactured ballots, doctored ballots, unpostmarked ballots, double voting via mail-in ballots and in person at the polls, and ballots that were destroyed or dumped creating a wildly troubling situation.

The USA adheres to the Rule of Law and it is unlawful to abridge our American voting process by knowingly allowing voters that should have been purged to cast ballots or include bogus ballots in the vote tally. This is not a joke and must be taken seriously or our American experiment becomes a dangerous farce as rogue elements undermine the Electoral College.

Marylanders March for Ballot Accountability

Six of ten Marylanders pose together during the MAGA March to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of Ballot Accountability on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

Paul Lewis has a message to declare during the MAGA demonstration across from the U.S. Supreme Court building on November 14, 2020.

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Paul Lewis, 77 from Rockville, MD, said he, “Came to make sure we have a fair election, count every legal vote and don’t count illegal votes. I think it’s a very important election; therefore, it is important that it be conducted legally.” He criticized a remark made publicly by candidate Biden concerning his malapropism on the dubious execution of this election.

Allen Furth, 57 from Annapolis, commented, “For something that large, it could have been slightly more organized, but it was cordial, peaceful and everybody knew that everyone was there for the same reason, so it was friendly and patriotic. It was great to see such a large crowd turning out for justice and fairness in elections. We will not have electoral accuracy when the outcome is predetermined in a warehouse. I was presently surprised by the diversity of the crowd and foreigners participating in attendance.”

John Flaherty poses with Orange Man during the MAGA Rally and March in the Capitol to the U.S. Supreme Court on November 14, 2020.

John Flaherty, 56 from Baltimore, MD, came to, “Stop The Steal. I think that there’s a population of people who want to give up, but this show of strength might bring them back.” He supports the fight for Trump and to validate the votes. “Former White House staff advisor Sebastian Gorka is an effective speaker and an asset to our side. I think there’s enough evidence. They circumvented the Constitution when they agreed to accept ballots after 8 pm and count them,” Flaherty added.

Alessia Paksel, 39 from Bel Air, MD, was born in Uzbekistan and raised in Kyrgyzstan. She came to observe the march because she is a very curious woman. Paksel commented, “I live in America and it’s my new country and what happen now in America in very interesting moment in America. They made protest very friendly, respect policemen, and respect other people. Family with small kids attended demonstrated they felt safe to participate. Americans are civilized people who have rights.”

MAGA participants who Support the President

Frank Scalvo who lives in the Scranton Metropolitan region proudly stakes his claim at the MAGA Rally held at Freedom Plaza in the Capitol on November 14, 2020.

Courtney Wall 28 and Abigail Wall 27 from Muskegon, MI, drove eleven hours to participate in the MAGA Rally held at Freedom Plaza in the Capitol on November 14, 2020.

Asians had been turning out and touring the USA in support of President Donald Trump at his public outdoor rallies during the final month of the campaign and were in attendance during the MAGA March on the U.S. Supreme Court building in the Capitol on November 14, 2020. Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese all shower President Trump with their loyal devotion because Trump stands up against communism and fights for freedom and individual human rights.

Imaginative Images in the Moment

It would appear that some MAGA supporters are willing to push the boundaries with homemade signs that may incite controversy and provoke opinionated responses or rebuttals from those in attendance.

Summer, 11, attended the MAGA Rally with her mother held at Freedom Plaza holding up her cheeky homemade sign in the Capitol on November 14, 2020.

Anthony, 17 from Middlesex, NJ, holds up a provocative Trump flag at the MAGA Rally held at Freedom Plaza in the Capitol on November 14, 2020.

An unidentified MAGA marcher en route to the U.S. Supreme Court building poses with his sturdy sign displaying a humorous pun in the Capitol on November 14, 2020.

Unfortunately, I missed several opportunities to capture striking MAGA photo ops at Freedom Plaza or at the U.S. Supreme Court as I was preoccupied interviewing MAGA supporters. I was quite irked that I missed a couple dressed as Captain America and Captain Marvel (not the DC Comics Shazam! character) that I tried to locate, but was unable to in the crowd.

I encountered two pockets of masked Proud Boys marching briskly through the massive MAGA crowd. I attempted to ask members to provide comments to my article, but none of them would agree to be interviewed or offer their individual opinions on the MAGA event. I found this reluctance to participate as being exceedingly peculiar.

More than half of the people assembled during the rally and the march were wearing masks, but there were always mavericks among the throng not wearing facial protection. Certainly an interesting afternoon. It was not always easy to hear the speakers at Freedom Plaza or outside the U.S. Supreme Court building. The crowd was populated by stereotypical MAGA supporters rabid in their support for President Trump. One curious factor that was unanticipated was the copious odor of marijuana wafting through the streets.

Media Malevolence

The mainstream media had attempted to malign and undermine the efforts of Women for America First and their endeavor to host a public platform for those who voted against Biden the blue candidate and their monumental concerns that voter fraud has been employed to generate such an immense number of mail-in ballots to force the incumbent out of the White House.

The left media labeled those who turned out in support of the MAGA Rally and March as troublemakers, as rabble rousers, as sore losers, and as rebels in open rebellion. And immediately following this ruinous claim, the media proceeded to announce the MAGA Rally and March suffered from a low turnout. A minimum of 200,000 red voters is an amazing show of public support for President Trump and for ballot accountability.

More media falsehoods claim that the Proud Boys created trouble interacting with counter protesters or that MAGA members incited dissonance along the parade route as there was no indication of distress occurring during daylight hours nor were there any Antifa or Black Lives Matter disruptors to be seen either.

Finally, the mainstream media has completely sidestepped the unreported evidence of alleged voter fraud by entirely ignoring all claims of suspected voter fraud. The difference between 2000 and 2020 is that the media did not crucify Gore in the press while he was pressing his electoral challenge against Governor George W. Bush. Trump’s charges of voter fraud have been quarantined in silence by the left media hyperventilating to oust President Trump.

Unpleasant Denouement Undercooked

This larger than life Trump * Pence billboard greeted Trump supporters walking by to attend the MAGA Rally held at Freedom Plaza in the Capitol on November 14, 2020.

This travelling Trump truck parked a scant few blocks from Freedom Plaza in the Capitol was the first indication you were not in Oz anymore. Republicans, conservatives, MAGA members, and Trump supporters had converged upon the District of Columbia to demonstrate at the MAGA Rally and March to attract attention to allegations of national voter fraud conducted before, during and after the protracted presidential election.

As my group of friends and I were passing this proud display of support for the Trump * Pence ticket, a black man wearing a red F*ck Tr*mp tee shirt was walking past and started chanting four more weeks, four more weeks. I retorted exactly! Votes are still being counted and states have yet to begin to certify their confirmed vote totals.

Postscript: a note of regret. One of my friends suggested we have lunch at Bullfeathers situated near the congressional complex. I had not frequented this tavern in over five years. The waitress asked me for my order and I informed her that I had not looked at a menu. She took the meal orders of seven in our party then proceeded to walk off ignoring my food order. I immediately got up and spoke to the maître d’.

I was presented with resistance when I stated I did not want my meal order to arrive well after everyone else had eaten. The aggressively unpleasant blonde stated my burger would arrive on time. It did Not. The wait for libations, the wait for the meal to be served, a few missing items, and the fact that my burger and fries came well over 30 minutes later, undercooked and both cool was utterly unacceptable. The joint was operating at 50% capacity so it was not crowded.

The maître d’ had chided me to review the bistro so here it is for all to relish. When we were getting ready to exit the exterior patio, a motorist drove by and barked, He lost! Get over it! Someone among those seated shouted back, f*ck yo*! The left promoted four years of ‘resist’ refusing to accept the results of the 2016 Electoral College. Maybe the left would enjoy a dose of their own repulsive elixir.

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