Maryland Women Stand Up for Trump

You can’t Win with Them, You can’t Win without Them

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What is wrong with Maryland women? These female activists are willing to stand in line during cold steady rain for the opportunity to proudly exhibit their approval and support for President Donald J. Trump. The militant media have it wrong: women love this President!

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence made a joint appearance at Hershey Arena just above the Mason-Dixon Line on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. The number of people turning out to attend in person far exceed the seating capacity inside the facility. Americans are responding in droves to demonstrate their loyal support for President Trump.

This is not the first time President Trump has had a house capacity crowd at this arena. Trump has journeyed to return to the Harrisburg – Hershey vicinity several times since his Inauguration. A video screen was set up outside to allow those who were unable gain entry to watch the Trump Rally live outdoors.

Invitation to Impeachment

The indoor festivities began shortly after 5 pm. A WWII veteran in his 90s attempted to recite the Pledge of Allegiance from memory, but was forgiven for botching the actual pledge. David Bray incited the crowd to sing the National Anthem, and those outside in the incessant rain all stood at attention out of respect for our flag, country and military.

Trump looked solidly resolute behind the podium on the same day the House announced Articles of Impeachment against him and his presidency. Trump spoke like a triumphant champion, a seasoned raconteur, and a confident incumbent that he will indeed win reelection overcoming the abhorrent impeachment hysteria. Trump gleefully proclaimed the obstructionist House had finally agreed to pass his proposed USMCA trade agreement afterwards on the same day!

Trump is truly untraditional: after President Trump completes his second term in January 2025, Trump could hit the comedy circuit as a stand-up comic! Trump was outrageously funny lampooning pandering Pelosi, shifty Schiff, the unscrupulous Ukrainians, and the muckraking media. Once Trump got started, there was absolutely no stopping his entertaining barrage of snarky one-liners.

A Chorus in Support of the President

Maryland women from all across the state were eager to share their unwavering support for the President: Sally 75, from Annapolis, commented on the Impeachment, “It’s amazing that the lies they have to tell to get this far”. Eva, 60 from Gambrills, stated that, “The democrats are a bunch of babies crying to get their way.” Michelle, 38 from Elkton as a small business owner, has supported Trump from Day One and his economic policies.

Tiffany, 39 from Fallston, is a Huge Trump supporter. She is pleased that Trump has begun to build the Wall, exposed deep state democrats, and believes the impeachment will help him in 2020. Karen, 56 from Annapolis, affirmed, “It’s one of the most important things in our country for Trump to be reelected”.

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Pam, 48 from Chesapeake City, turned out because she loves Trump, likes the decrease in illegal border crossings, that her 401K keeps going up, and that respect for law enforcement is back. She wishes Trump could drain the swamp faster. John, 60 from Mechanicsburg, PA, has a background in newspapers and was dressed in canary yellow to protest the biased American media. He was there to have fun and exhibit his patriotism.

Eli, 17 from Darlington, will turn 18 in October 2020 and is ready to cast his first vote to reelect President Trump. Eli had attended his first Trump Rally at Louisville in 2017 and anticipates attending Trump’s second Inauguration in January 2021. Mark, 62 from Crofton, remarked he would prefer, “Trump to be kinder and gentler”. He wanted to support the President on this day with Articles of Impeachment being publicized.

An Acquittal is Anticipated

One lone male protestor appeared outside with a bullhorn haranguing and castigating the loyal throng assembled in line waiting to clear security to enter the venue. People had no tolerance for his chaotic rants on the President. Another female protestor who foiled security, hopped over a barrier and began waving a sign: grabbing power back. Security took their time to capture and expel the antagonistic agitator.

Throughout the extensive line, several waiting in line were surreptitiously swigging beer out of a can or smoking weed. Upon entry, the men’s room wreaked of being inside a smoking parlor. In these instances, those individuals demonstrated no respect for appropriate public behavior. Another egregious offense was having to pay $10 to park on the premises. Hershey did not charge for parking for a previous Trump rally in 2017.

All nine individuals who proclaimed their support for President Trump were buoyant in their aggressive assumption that President Trump would indeed by reelected. Trump could become the first sitting President to be impeached by the USHOR and still win reelection! The smart money is betting the U.S. Senate will ultimately acquit President Trump in any ensuing trial.

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