MAGA March Demands Electoral Justice

Thousands March in Unison

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Scores of thousands of supporters of incumbent Republican President Donald J. Trump turned out from all across the USA and foreigners flew in to demonstrate their support for President Trump at the Million MAGA March from Freedom Plaza to the U.S. Supreme Court in the District of Columbia on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

Thousands upon thousands of citizens are motivated to march in public demonstration to express their demand that the unprecedented mail-in balloting irregularities and controversies surrounding alleged voter fraud and extracurricular ballots collected after Election Day without the required postmark be addressed by state legislatures and its court systems. The entire conduct of integrity concerning this contentious election is being called into question.

For all of those red voters out of the seventy million that cast their ballots for President Trump who were unable to attend this historic event in the national seat of our government, dedicated patriots hosted a series of Stop The Steal rallies in State capitals across the country in conjunction with the main event hosted in our nation’s capital. President Trump actually drove by the Supreme Court building in his motorcade around 10:30 am.

Determined citizens must engage themselves in order to apply public pressure upon legislatures and courts to investigate these multiple allegations of voter fraud. Getting proof of actual voter fraud, disenfranchised ballots, altered ballots, fabricated ballots, interviewing whistleblowers, and supplying this evidence to the courts is crucial to validate these allegations to an American audience in the truncated timeframe available.

The Phantastic Wuhan Mail-In Ballot Swindle

Almost all of the American left broadcast sources have been actively promoting across all social media platforms proclaiming that incumbent President Trump’s presidency is extinct since last weekend. Ballots are still being counted in a few battleground states, some states with razor thin tallies have been compelled to conduct a recount, other states are facing challenges to conduct a recount, and No State has completed its certification process conforming its Electoral count.

With all of this standing as fact, how is it, why is it that the American media is fabricating this wild assertion that Biden has become the 46th President of the USA in advance of any official state certifications? Well, it’s a page out of the fascist playbook: repeat a lie often enough, and people will believe it. Create a lie large enough, and people will accept it as fact.

The sad truth is that the average American has not been taught how our election process operates, American students are no longer taught the concept of critical thinking, and Americans are foolish in disbelieving how the modern complexities to execute voter fraud is actually employed. The left views elections as ascendency to exercise power not provide governance. This is perhaps the major difference between leftists and conservatives.

Somebody should post a uTube clip: How to Steal an Election 101.  The left had three years to prepare for the 2020 election campaign.  This fantastic new playbook orchestrated by the organized radical left perpetrated the wholesale theft of an entire Presidential election process. It would seem that the President, Republican strategists, and his conservative legal team were all caught ill-prepared to anticipate an operation of this size and magnitude.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Trump supporters swamp the tiny stage at Freedom Plaza in the Capitol during the MAGA Rally and March on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

MAGA Rally at Freedom Plaza

The national mainstream media, Big Tech, and social media platforms all attempted to squelch information to stop promotion of the Million MAGA March scheduled in the District of Columbia on Saturday, November 14, 2020. The noon rally was already underway and besieged by people overload. Citizens from all over the USA wanted to be seen and counted among those peaceably demonstrating for their votes to be counted and illegal votes to be discounted.

American media reported that the turnout was underwhelming. Well, of course they would. But photographic evidence taken during the MAGA Rally at Freedom Plaza, the MAGA March up Pennsylvania Avenue, and the MAGA Rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court building prove otherwise. An accurate headcount will not be forthcoming from the media but judging on the number of marchers present, the crowd had to reach above 200,000 people.

The plaza stage itself was crampt with spectators cheering and chanting and proclaiming their approval for action on alleged ballot fraud. Patriots began marching early making their way through the Capitol to the main event. Trump supporters were carrying signs, waving flags of all shapes, sizes and statements, wearing Trump Tee shirts, hats and masks, and conducting themselves in an orderly fashion.

Trump supporters hoisting flags and banners participate in the MAGA March and Rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court building on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

MAGA March envelops the U.S. Supreme Court

Maximum capacity crowds overcrowded the U.S. Supreme Court building. The outdoors scene was the same as those in attendance at Freedom Plaza. Trump supporters populated the lawnscape, the sidewalks, the streets, and the surrounding areas. Angered Americans are gravely concerned about the validity and integrity of the ballots that were cast and the ballots that are being counted. An exceedingly large voter volume has aroused public suspicions.

The American media has derided those who spoke at the rallies and those who turned out in support at the rallies and all of those who are challenging the forecasted 2020 presidential election results. We the American People deserve an authentic vote and a truthful outcome. If Americans cannot rely upon legislators and judges to do the right thing, then our Constitutional Representative Republic is surely dead.

Women for America First organized the Million MAGA Rally and March. Last Saturday on November 7th, individual states had hosted similar MAGA rallies in support of embattled President Donald Trump. The possibility of an electoral coup committed by the left at the ballot box has sparked a response among the American populace to seek action from elected officials and impartial judges to honor an honest investigation.

Americans want their Votes and Voices to Count

Frank Scalvo, 58 from Old Forge, PA, enthused, “We’re here to show our support for President Trump.” Scalvo proceeded to explain facts and figures, counties and precincts, ballot totals and percentages as pertaining to Pennsylvania. He confirmed, “I am seriously disappointed that the PA state legislature has failed to act on conducting an investigation into after ballots in violation of the Supreme Court.”

Wesley Miracle, 36 from Putnam, FL, arrived on Friday with about ten people in his group. He came to Stop The Steal of the election and stop communism, “So we fight peacefully before they lock us in out homes. It’s not just today’s event, it’s the whole weekend to demonstrate support for the President, and this is just starting.”

Courtney Wall 28 and Abigail Wall 27 from Muskegon, MI, both wore matching Lesbians for Trump sweatshirts. The Walls drove eleven hours to participate in the March. “We’ve been to all of Trump’s 2016 and 2020 rallies in Michigan. Our love for Trump and the support he needs as they steal the election from us and to have our voices heard,” motivated them to come. “Multiple ballots were mailed to our house and we did not ask for ballots to be sent to us,” they shared.

Noah Prahlow, 23 from Monument, CO, flew in with family members. He had voted Trump in 2016 only because he did not want Clinton. “I’m super excited about Trump now and he’s protecting our liberties. We’re out here defending him and the integrity of the election. At the end of the day, if we don’t have an honest election, we don’t have a free society,” he said.

Belinda Bee, 60 from Sought Carolina, attended the event to support her President and take back our votes. When asked if there is any substantive evidence bolstering multiple claims made by numerous individuals coming forward in the mainstream media to report that there is indeed actual voter fraud, Bee rattled off a list of verifiable sources that would confirm various incidents of voter fraud allegations as suppressed by the majority of the media.

Maggie Main, 64 from Portland, OR, travelled with another thirteen women from Oregon. She shared that she, “Lead the protest in Portland outside Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schmidt’s home following the murder of Jay Danielson,” by an agent of Antifa who had been released by Schmidt. Main concluded, “If you can’t find the corruption in this election, there’s no hope for the outcome.”

Mike Nedvidek, 65 from Chicago, drove in yesterday with members of his family to support the President, to support the country, and to protect his family. He declared, “All of the bad actors on the world stage: Obama, Rodham, Ayres, Emanuel, Alinsky and Smollett – there’s your evidence Chicago is the epicenter of voter fraud.” Rebuking Biden, he states, “There’s nothing that has the appearance of legitimacy, the candidate, the campaign never went anywhere. If Biden and the democrats are really not hiding anything, they wouldn’t be rushing things to get him sworn in.”

Bruce Gilbert, 59 from Easton, PA, revealed, “We’re here based upon the injustice right in front of eyes, and magically 600,000 ballots appear overnight. Do you really in your right mind think that this man who didn’t do any campaigning verses the man who campaigned; how could he garner all these votes, 75 million? It’s absolutely absurd to even think that.” Gilbert had driven into the Capitol with another four members of his family.

Amelia Duran, 28 from Denver, CO, came because she wanted to protect the USA and everything it stands for: God given rights. Duran stated, “My family left Mexico for a reason; lack of opportunities and here we have unlimited opportunities and rights. I believe the fraud is legitimate, but the media is corrupt and bought. America needs to turn off the tv, put down their phones and educate themselves.”

2016: Resist, 2020: Unity

Since the Electoral College map was first published as fact in November 2016, the battle cry of the left has been Resist! Now a premature Biden who would be crowned announces his desire for unity among Americans. Who is his speech writer? For an elderly politician who suffered two brain aneurisms thirty-two years ago, maybe he is unable to grasp the heightened tensions rippling across the American political landscape.

The unsubstantiated figure the American media are currently promoting is 78,701, 133 people voted for Biden. Seventy-eight million votes are utterly unbelievable. The unconfirmed figure assigned to voters in support of a second term for President Trump is 72,948, 280 people. The claim that 152 million Americans voted in this calamitous election is simply untrustworthy.

On the surface, this rough and tumble presidential election appears to be a referendum on President Trump himself. If voters were actually pro-Biden, then why did Republicans continue to retain their majority in the U.S. Senate? Two Senate races in Georgia are scheduled for a runoff on January 5, 2021. Republicans actually gained seats in the U.S. House. And to be clear after evaluating the voting patterns of this massive voter turnout, it does not compute any political realignment.

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