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A Presidential Thank You to Pennsylvanians

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President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had something more important on their itinerary than attending the 2017 Washington Correspondence Dinner on Saturday, April 29th. The top Republican team in the USA was in Harrisburg stumping to promote the successes of the Trump * Pence Administration having just completed its first 100 Days legislative agenda.

The mainstream American media suffers disability when it comes to reporting actual facts instead of biased opinions on what transpired within the Capitol Building during the last three months. Trump selected Harrisburg to thank Pennsylvanians for their importance by electing the Trump * Pence ticket to victory in the Electoral College.

Marylanders for Trump

Jim Day 59, a registered democrat from Reisterstown, MD, came with his wife to attend the 100 Days Rally at the New Holland Arena. Day has been following Trump and obtained tickets to both rallies at Hershey in November and December last year as well as attending Trump’s Inaugural Parade in the Capitol.

Day remarked about the democrat party, “What do they have to offer?” He felt Hillary supporters were sore losers and that it was really sad they were unable to accept the results of the election. He commented that since Trump was not a politician and lacked a record, they attacked Trump on a personal level. Furthermore, he stated the dems had rigged their primary to propel a candidate under active investigation.

Andy Tussing 53, drove in from Ellicott City, MD. He said, “We’re big supporters and we wanna see him in person”. Tussing was pleased with what the Trump Administration had accomplished in 100 days and more importantly, the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

John Graham 65, and his wife are both Trump fans. The Graham’s came from Cumberland, MD, to attend the Harrisburg rally. Graham believes Americans should, “Let Trump do his job”. Graham added, “Trump did a fabulous job. He won it fair and square.”

Witness to 100 Days of Legislative Action

Although the Harrisburg rally had a few empty seats, Trump clarified on the dais that the fire marshal had cut off allowing more waiting attendants into the arena. A great number of Trump supporters were left standing outside. Trump fans came from all over the state of Pennsylvania, like Greenberg and Easton, and from all over the contiguous USA.

Peter Daltour flew in from Miami with five friends. He promoted his website Blacks for Trump.com 2020 and mentioned he had been on board the Trump Train before he obtained the GOP nomination. A young tween, Phoenix was there from Texas. He had flown into the District with his father conducting interviews for his own active social media network.

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Protesters had amassed across the street from the New Holland Arena picketing with homemade signs to express their resistance to the Trump Administration. Almost a total of ten male and female disrupters were removed and escorted from within the venue during President Trump’s 100 Days address. Rather than engage in a measured dialogue, many of the opposition prefer to generate dissonance and disturbance concerning verified facts as published in the press.

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