Commiserating with the Clintons

And now for Another Spin on how to beat a dead horse

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It is peculiar that an ex-president and loser of the 2016 Presidential campaign should head out on tour across America and Canada. This fatigued Clinton tag-team provided an amusing evening of chicanery and charades! You could call this their Cash & Commiseration tour.

There were both empty seats and empty sections at DAR Constitution Hall in the Capitol on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The dwindling faithful of the lofty left wanted to hear their heroes console them only a ten-minute walk away from the White House! This address will be the closest Hill will ever come to the Oval Office again. And no, the concession stand was not handing out any cool-aid.

Headlining: The Bill & Hill Variety Scour

Jordan Klepper as moderator kicked off the spectacle behind schedule. Klepper showed a video of himself tutoring the Clintons on how to contribute to online Go-Fund-Me campaigns. They searched for falafel, goats, a travel saxophone and Freedom University. Unfortunately, the Clintons missed their calling as a Vaudeville comedy act.

Incredulously, Hill misquoted Trump in declaring his presidency in trouble. She made an exaggerated impersonation as Trump while she read the infamous quote that made media headlines, but has been truncated and misquoted by the left deliberately. Hill is promulgating the promotion of fake news after criticizing Trump for alleged mistruths, half-truths and false-truths!

True to form, there was a blatant mocking of the Electoral College that received a round of applause. These people welcome direct election of the President, which is contrary to the dictum of our Founding Fathers. It just so happens that the annual White House Correspondence Dinner was happening this very evening, but the President was out of town.

The Clintons sent up President Trump as a reality tv star who won the presidency and pondered their own party’s association with the left and entertainment industry. But it is the Clintons out on tour seeking fame, fortune and frivolity! Rather than adhering to the background, the Clintons are competing with the Obamas to financially feather their retirement nest.

Prognosticating on the encroaching 2020 campaign

As more and more democrats throw themselves into the ring to fight for the 2020 democrat nomination, Bill and Hill refrained from endorsing any of the major front runners in the race. The Clintons dwelled on a Russian fixation and were sounding an alarm that those Ruskies are already at it to undermine the emerging 2020 campaign election season.

Hill said, “We know Facebook was the battleground”. She conceded the Russian influence on the social media network cost her the presidency. Or did it? Or did they? Clinton may have spent as much as $1,191 million dollars on her 2016 run for the White House. One source says 470 alleged Russian online accounts spent above $100,000 to wreak havoc. Clearly Clinton mismanaged her campaign finances.

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Among their biased banter was the military Seals operation that took out bin Laden in May 2011. The photo of Clinton clasping her mouth from the Situation Room was shown upon the video screens. Dredging up this blast from the past was a curious choice.

This was the only moment within the Obama presidency that united all Americans. Yet here was Hill milking that tense event to bolster her tarnished reputation and party credibility as a worthy nominee.

Words of Activist Advice from Ageing Agitators

Auntie Hill gave her sound advice to the young activists in the hall (if there were any as most of them are on board with other campaigns already) not to become discouraged. Unfortunately, most Americans are unable to discern between actual progressivism and the counterfeit populism of the democrat party.

The Clintons can castigate President Trump for his tactics as Chief Executive all they want, but these two are the ones conducting a national speaking tour in order to rehabilitate their public personae and flirt with an illusion that they are entitled ageing rock stars.

Bill’s last retort to the assembled was “Just suit up and play”. There is still so much more to report: Hill intimated she would issue an executive order to restrict gun possession, Bill quipped he’d like to see Russian influence combat Chinese influence during the 2020 campaign, and of course their demonic view of the Mueller investigation and impending impeachment!

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