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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Inaugural Ball. I experienced an honest-to-gawd wardrobe malfunction. While standing to have my new Tuxedo tailored, I did not recognize that my tux required suspenders! So as I was getting dressed, I realized I had to swing by the clothier to buy a pair. George was waiting for me to arrive and he saved my night.

When I arrived at The Theater in the MGM complex, incumbent Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s second Inaugural Ball was in full swing. Signature Live was performing on stage and couples were dancing with abandon. It was a giant mass of people entering or departing the Ball room. The 2019 Maryland Gubernatorial Inaugural Ball was a crowded affair.

Congratulations and Praise for the Governor

Louis Pope of Howard County commented that, “A second term for Larry Hogan means prosperity for Maryland with continued low unemployment and opportunities for young people and the working class. For four years, we’ve had no new taxes and we have a billion-dollar budget surplus.” Key Worchester of Anne Arundel County remarked, “I think it’s great, especially with the environment we have to deal with in Maryland.”

Miss Capitol Hill Megan Eunpu from neighboring Virginia attended Hogan’s Inaugural Ball. She supports Governor Hogan’s initiative to improve education in Maryland. Megan is looking forward to competing in the 2019 Miss America pageant from the District of Columbia.

Mike Pantelides from Anne Arundel County was enthused that Larry Hogan won a second term. He stated, “I think it’s a great win for Maryland and a big win for small businesses in Maryland. The Governor understands the needs of entrepreneurs making government more efficient and effective”.

Larry catches a Second Term

Governor Larry Hogan, Jr., appeared on stage alone sporting shades and flipping a purple surfboard to the Beach Boys classic American summer anthem “Surfin’ U.S.A.”. “Now we’re selling out the MGM just like Cher and Bruno Mars.” The audience roared in approval after which the Governor introduced Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford and then both of their extended families.

“The second time in 243 years, I say we have a party. I want to thank the people for placing their trust in us and setting an example for the rest of the country.” It’s quite possible that Larry Hogan is the most dangerous Republican in the nation having won reelection in a deep indigo state. The sound system pumped “Stuck In The Middle With You” as the stage was reclaimed by Signature Live.

Republicans Revel in Celebration of Four More Years

Meshelle Howard of Baltimore County attended the Ball asserting that, “Maryland is open for business for the first time in a long time.” Danny Mayer of Charles County has known Larry since 2000. “Hogan came to me and said ‘I think I am gonna run for governor’. He’s a good friend. Larry has not acquired the Annapolis arrogance”.

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Victor Clark, Jr. from Baltimore confirmed, “It means the people in Maryland realized that Republicans get things done. In the African-American community, people started to look at the candidates in the GOP and overlook the rhetoric and smoke-blowing from the democrats when the city has not had a Republican on the city council in 80 years.”

Paul Ellington of Montgomery County has known the Governor for over 36 years. “In `94, Ellen showed us we could win. Ehrlich did it. Hogan learned from the mistakes and missteps of Ehrlich.”

Hogan would never be jealous

Governor Larry Hogan has nothing to be jealous about. Republican Governor Hogan won reelection during a hostile campaign season. Securing a second term running against a blue tidal wave demonstrates Hogan’s ability to govern Maryland successfully and win a comfortable majority of the electorate.

Jeb Bush was invited to speak at the Hogan Inauguration ceremony earlier on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Unfortunately, Bush included comments criticizing President Trump and the government shutdown which had no place at this Inaugural celebration. Bush should have taken a cue from his late father’s recent funeral. President George H.W. Bush demonstrated grace and inclusiveness by inviting President Trump to attend his national funeral service.

Both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor team worked the crowd in attendance to shake their hands and pose for photographs. As all good things must pass, the 2019 Hogan Inaugural Ball had to come to a close. There’s no telling how many guests exiting the popular Ball may have turned into a Trumpkin at midnight!

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