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Salling for the Second

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Johnny Ray Salling is the Republican nominee for Congress in Maryland’s Second District. Salling is challenging incumbent Dutch Ruppersberger who has become fossilized while representing the district after nine terms and represents the democrat party whose priorities raise sober questions as to whether Ruppersberger is seriously out of step with his constituents.

Salling is a lifelong resident of the second Congressional district having raised his family in Baltimore County. Salling is serving his second term as State Senator of Maryland’s Sixth Legislative District. Salling is an American military veteran having served as a combat engineer from 1979 to 1982 in the U.S. Army. He was approached to run against Ruppersberger and is the ideal candidate to press Ruppersberger for his failings as a Congressman.

After dodging Salling repeatedly during the 2020 campaign to participate in a televised broadcast debate, Salling will have an opportunity to face off against Ruppersberger live on WYPR 88.1 FM on Monday, October 26 at noon over the radio. For residents and constituents of the second congressional district, this is an excellent opportunity to gauge which nominee best represents your values, views and vision for your family’s future.

Governor Ehrlich for Salling

Former Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., appeared as the guest of honor speaking at Salling’s fundraiser on September 30 in Timonium, MD. Other notable guests attending included Congressman Andy Harris, State Senator Michael Hough, State Senator J.B. Jennings, Delegate Rick Metzger, and former Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey.

Ehrlich was animated, opinionated and resolute in the topical issues that he addressed. Ehrlich demonstrated his command of matters monopolizing this campaign season. Sharp, direct and erudite, Bob Ehrlich is as always on top of his political game pointing out what the indifferent mainstream media is ignoring that deserves discussion during the general campaign.

Ehrlich spoke about his first race from the jurisdiction that he was addressing the VIP guests. He then went on to cover a wide range of topics from congressional redistricting, threats from the left upon our common values, and how vital it is to run challengers for seats on the ballot. Bob also talked about how important placing a bumper sticker on your vehicle is and how much in free advertising a bumper sticker promotes the candidate’s name and office.

Ehrlich also made a point to discuss the ability of previous candidates to debate major issues publicly without any interference from the media during the 1960s and 1970s. He warned about how toxic college campuses have become to opposing opinions and critical thinking. Bob fears the modern culture of the left is undermining what should be a fair or balanced presentation of positions and how to evaluate and investigate political views.

Communities of the Second

Maryland’s Second Congressional District is a sprawling expanse of territory encompassing Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, Abingdon, Joppa, Towson, Owings Mills, Hunt Valley, Glyndon, Essex, Dundalk, Brooklyn Park, Fort Meade, and Annapolis Junction. Viewing the district on a map confirms democrats deliberately gerrymander Maryland’s congressional districts into unrecognizable distorted shapes.

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Salling wants to be a Congressman for all of the constituents living in the second. His downhome style touch is a welcome change from politics as usual where pomp and circumstance normally elbow all of the average folk to the side leaving them with a diminished voice on significant matters that are of concern to blue collar tax paying citizens across the district.

Salling’s common man approach reflects his solid beliefs on family, duty, integrity, and accountability. Maryland has not been immune to the ravaging effects of the Wuhan virus, which has adversely impacted small businesses and entrepreneurs all across the state as well as the laboring workforce. Salling wants to be an architect of reform and relief by providing appropriate legislation in Congress to reopen our economy and return to prosperity.

Salling Town Hall Meeting

Congressional nominee John Salling hosted an appropriately social distanced town hall meeting at the North Point Plaza Flea Market on October 13 in Dundalk, MD. Salling addressed his major campaign concerns and important questions posed to him by interested voters in attendance. Ruppersberger was invited to attend, but accordingly Dutch was a no-show.

Salling acknowledged his three top campaign planks. Crime: with neighboring Baltimore City bordering directly next door, crime has increased and this must be addressed with innovative measures to enhance crime fighting actions that are effective. Jobs: Salling wants to develop trade schools as an avenue to create better paying jobs and desires to revive the dwindling manufacturing base in the district.

Finally, National Security is absolutely vital to the strategic interests of the United States. Salling supports an impenetrable border with the competition of the wall, an energized battle-ready military, and the implementation of state-of-the-art technology to protect our country from both foreign and domestic threats.

Rival to Ruppersberger

Salling identified three points he has criticized Ruppersberger: out of touch not interfacing with communities, not vocal in support of the Baltimore County police department and officers, and failing to seek necessary investment in the district to expand opportunities for small businesses. Dutch is lethargic and is no longer on his game in being responsive to his constituents.

Salling made a point to clarify his support for the passing of a second congressional stimulus bill to aid ailing American families out of work, another PPP initiative to infuse funds to rescue small local businesses struggling during the pandemic lockdown, and believes it is a priority to encourage Marylanders to return to work or seek gamely employment to reinvigorate an economy ready to rejuvenate and reignite from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Please contact the candidate Salling campaign at for more information on his positions on the issues, yard signs, how to donate to the campaign, and how to become a volunteer for the Salling campaign. There is still time to get involved and make a difference to change Maryland for the better by electing Johnny Ray Salling to Congress from Maryland’s Second Congressional District.

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