RNC: The McCloskey’s Description of Democrat America

A Result of City Official Negligence

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If 2020 wasn’t already fun enough, it is also an election year and, yes, the politcal climate absolutely sucks! Fortunately, the Democrat National Convention is over and the first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) exceeded expectations. Of those exceeded expectations were the statements provided by Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple that came face-to-face with the mob on their front lawn. They were, then, charged with felonies for defending their home while being labeled nationwide as racists. These civilians were forced to take matters into their own hands while city officials let protesters run rampant! Terrible!

The McCloskeys not only provided a powerful speech at the RNC, they painted a vivid picture of what could happen on any given day, in any one of our communities. As local law enforcement agencies are being handcuffed by their politicians, innocent civilians are being tasked with defending themselves, their families, and their businesses from mob violence. Mark and Patricia McCloskey were two of those victims.

After a mob of Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrators broke down the front gate of the McCloskey’s community, they ended up on the front lawn of Mark and Patricia’s home. At the end of it all, for simply standing their ground and defending their home nonviolently, they were charged with felonies. The mob that went about their business harassing residents of the neighborhood were not charged. If you own property, have a family, or even an animal you love, I can guarantee you do not want these mobs on your front lawn, either.

The McCloskey’s speech not only touched on the fears of mob violence coming to your front door, it emphasized the hypocrisy of Democrat leadership. While elected officials are enabling mob violence and giving it a pass, they are punishing those who protect themselves and their businesses from it. What will be left of our communities by the time the Democrat politicians start condemning mob violence?

No Longer About Bettering Black Lives

These protests are no longer about bettering the lives of black people, or justice for anyone. The McCloskey’s neighborhood was targeted strictly because it was wealthy. This isn’t the first case of BLM targeting such neighborhoods. Ask yourself this: What does marching into rich neighborhoods have to do with bettering black lives? When did Black Lives Matter become a war on capitalism and success? How many protests does Black Lives Matter hold for the masses killed in Chicago every week?

Most importantly, why is Black Lives matter allowing their movement to be hijacked by Antifa? Black Lives Matter has spent more money bailing out white Antifa rioters than providing educational opportunities within their own community. When will BLM stop targeting the innocent and turn to helping the communities they profess to serve?

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