Abraham Lincoln
June in American History: Part II

Part II of our walk through June in American history reminds us of presidential accomplishments and milestones of war.

Reader’s Club: “The Lincoln Conspiracy” Book Review

"The Lincoln Conspiracy" is a fast-paced, riveting look at a failed plot on the life of Abraham Lincoln, with eerie paralells to today.

Patriot Housewives: Kindness, Chaos, and Confusion

It's another can't-miss episode with your favorite housewives! There's lots to talk about, including a special message about kindness.

February in History: A Month of Heroism

Historically, February will be remembered as a month replete with heroism and accomplishment. There were tragedies, including the sinking of the USS Maine.

American Prophet: Lincoln’s First Timeless Speech

Paving the Way Few presidents are as memorable as Abraham Lincoln, and understandably so. He paved the way for a new birth of freedom, sought to uphold the ...

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