Trump Leaves the Hospital After Just 72 Hours

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President Donald Trump left the hospital in record time after being hospitalized since Friday, October 2, at Walter Reed Medical Center. Once discharged on October 5th, he was flown back to the White House in the presidential Marine One helicopter.

The Revelation That Corona Brings

It’s been said that when something happens, it’ll show the true nature of a person.  Put the pressure on someone and they reveal themselves to be who they really are…

First Presidential Debate Recap

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What do you get when you get a freight train going a billion miles an hour headed towards a tiny little upright wooden plank?  This is exactly the visual cue…

Trump Resets the American History Standard

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The president announced he will sign an executive order to establish the "1776 Commission" to reestablish an emphasis on patriotic education

Trump Kaboshes Leftist Government Training Programs

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Considering that in 2020, companies all over have adopted “racial sensitivity” training courses.  Much like the counterpart regarding sexual harassment training, training modules that “educate” employees about racially sensitive issues…

The End of the Pandemic

The new head of President Trump’s pandemic response team says the mortality rate and risk of contagion are much lower than previously thought.