American Socialism: The Enemy Within

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Watching what is going on in the US House of Representatives and social media, Vladimir Putin and his KGB cronies are laughing and chuckling at America’s incompetence.

Political Correctness: Soviet Socialism in the 21st Century

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Political Correctness was Stalinist social engineering using semantics, to use and affect the human emotional core, with touching scenes that play on your emotions, while deceiving you.


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Scott Presler is a gay Conservative activist focused on registering people to vote and doing his part for 2020. New Right Network sits down to talk with him.

We Want You to MAGA With Us

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Join the NRN team and let's MAGA together. Time to think outside of the (Twitter and Facebook) box. Get your message out in a wider way through NRN.

Freedom for Venezuela: A Go From Guaido

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Shots fired, internet crackdown and Guaido calling for a military uprising. Could this be a chance for freedom for Venezuela. Follow the latest on the coup.