Stacey Abrams
Illegal Ballots Came from Stacey Abram’s Office

Stacey Abrams recently changed her views on voter ID and claims efforts in legitimizing votes is equivalent of the Jim Crow era.

How Did Stacey Abrams Become a Millionaire?

The facts of the case are straightforward: in 2018, Georgia’s far-Left supermodel and shadow governor Stacey Abrams’ reported net worth was $109,000. Now it’s ...

Voter Fraud in Georgia: Stacey Abrams (D) Tries to Steal the Vote

The Georgia Midterm Elections Are Still Going Georgia's gubernatorial race has become national news. After months of heated campaigning, voters showed up in ...

Stacey Abrams: Bad For Georgia

Georgia is a Conservative State, With Conservative Values Georgia is historically a deep red state. There have been a handful of times where Democrats have had ...

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