Mike Pence
According to Mike Pence, MSM focus On January 6 Designed To ‘Demean’ Trump Supporters

The media’s focus on January 6 is meant to demean Trump supporters. The media should be able to report on the good work the Trump administration did, but ...

Pence Is On Point

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a solid speech endorsing a second term for President Trump before a capacity crowd at New Cumberland, PA on Monday, October ...

Kamala Harris: Her Condescension Knows No Bounds

In Wednesday night's vice presidential debate, Kamala Harris spent much of her time condescending to Mike Pence and the American people.

2020 Vice Presidential Debate Recap

Debates are like dances.  There is a push and a pull, a give and a take, a call and a response between each movement and between each player.  ...

Reporting at CPAC, Day 1: Pence Talks Conronavirus, InfoWars Kicked Out

I made my debut as an on-location reporter and interviewer at this year's CPAC. I will be writing about the feeling and vibes about what happened at CPAC 2020 ...

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