Benford’s Law Declared Illegal by the Left

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Benford's Law has been used to detect fraud in elections in the past. Now that it is being applied to this election and attempt to change history is underway.

Election Overtime

The election is not over, it takes longer if it is heavily contested. We are currently in Election Overtime, the score has not been settled.

RNC Day 1 Recap: Land of Promise

Something about a soundtrack that swells the heart is found in every movie and every cinematic masterpiece.  That’s the opening video of the Republican National Convention.  What was the basis…

Flops on Both Sides

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If you haven’t heard it before, you’re hearing it here.  Perhaps you were busy and didn’t seem to care because you were too busy loving your spouse deeply.  Perhaps you…

Mail-in Ballots: A Huge Miss

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U.S. Election Assistance Commission estimates 2.7 million mail-in ballots misdelivered, 1.3 million rejected in the last four federal elections.