Gates, Fauci and Jim Jones: What Do They Have in Common?

Trump has not divided the country or the world. Rather, he was a bearer of the bold truth that compromised politicians before him failed to declare.

Systematic, Institutional Destruction: How the Biden Regime is Undermining the United States, Right by Right

We have a right to be secure in our papers, persons, and homes but Biden's exchequer is taking away law-abiding citizens' chance at autonomy.

Israel and Conservatives: In Defense of Life and Liberty

The country is falling apart at the seams. Law and order has dissolved into anarchy by both Marxist resistors and paid-off politicians.

Compelling Case for Article V Convention of States

Every state gets only one vote but can send as many delegates as they wish. So, while California and New York might get into a shouting match with the other ...

Death by 1,000 Cuts: How Democrats are Using the Long Game to Take Away the Second Amendment

Progressives are known for saying "If it saves but one life." These suggestions could save thousands of lives a year, not just from gun crime, but from other ...

The Preamble to a Slippery Slope

This is about our inalienable right to responsibly exercise our civil liberties for generations to come. Go forth, and strive for a free and prosperous future.

25th Amendment: Safety Net or Political Weapon?

The 25th Amendment would no longer be a safety net but a political weapon that will continue to add to the imbalance between the three branches of government.

Book Review: The Red, White, and Blue Deal, Part II

The core concept of the book is not to present "red meat" to conservatives, but to create logical positions on issues that affect our nation.

Executive Order: Tyranny or Sympathy?

When Congress fails to act during an emergency, the president must protect the interests of the people. This is what President Trump has done.

Voting under the Fear of Quarantine

A Maryland Primary Voter's experience under quarantine at a deserted poll and an encounter at a neglected 2020 Census booth

ACLU: Misconception of the Posse Comitatus Act

Though the ACLU would have you think otherwise, it is not illegal for President Trump to implement the use of federal forces to quell rioters.

Correction Part IV: Our Rights

Did We Give Them Up For Necessity? While you are reading this, where are you legally allowed to go? Is your state under a social distancing advisory, a ...

Rewriting History with the New York Times

The New York Times' 1619 Project is yet another effort of the Left and Globalists to rewrite US history. To highlight abuses and wrongs is noble; to rewrite it ...

Review: We The People Fight Tyranny Card Game

This Americana board game is full of surprises. The strategy, novelty and story of "We the People" make this conservative board game worth a review.

Legendary Lincoln: Gettysburg Address

Exactly 156 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln gave the famous Gettysburg Address in honor of the lost Union soldiers. Lincoln’s words still echo to this day.

National Popular Vote Gains Ground

A Constitutional analysis of the dangers of the National Popular Vote legislation. We are not a Democracy, we are a Republic!

Intense Opinion: Abortion and Conservatism

Why is something important like the topic of abortion being used as a political hot potato? Is Conservatism making a miscalculation by pushing pro-Life bills?

The Electoral College Effect: Even Liberals Should Re-examine Eliminating It

Debating the importance of the Electoral College is key to unlocking Democrat and Republican fundamental differences.

The Unexpected Breakdown of the Common Law System

An End to "Stare Decisis"? One of the crucial elements of our national history that is not taught to students in schools is that, by and large, the ...

The Citizenship Question: Citizenry Counts

The specter of discrimination rears it's head every time voter ID is on the national stage. Is the citizenship question essential to the U.S. Census?

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