The Preamble to a Slippery Slope

This is about our inalienable right to responsibly exercise our civil liberties for generations to come. Go forth, and strive for a free and prosperous future.

Voting under the Fear of Quarantine

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A Maryland Primary Voter's experience under quarantine at a deserted poll and an encounter at a neglected 2020 Census booth

Correction Part IV: Our Rights

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Did We Give Them Up For Necessity? While you are reading this, where are you legally allowed to go? Is your state under a social distancing advisory, a stay at…

Rewriting History with the New York Times

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The New York Times' 1619 Project is yet another effort of the Left and Globalists to rewrite US history. To highlight abuses and wrongs is noble; to rewrite it so any is lost is an abuse of its own.

The Unexpected Breakdown of the Common Law System

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An End to "Stare Decisis"? One of the crucial elements of our national history that is not taught to students in schools is that, by and large, the Founding Fathers…

Constitutional Power: It Belongs To The People

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Our Founding Fathers Gave Us a Fail Safe Because of the war on our Constitution by the establishment, corrupted officials and the media, many Americans have feared that conservatives will…