Left Has a Problem With Christians

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Democrat leaders such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemingly have a problem with praying for slaughtered Christians and Christianity.

The War on Youth: Covington Catholic High

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The Covington Catholic furor has subsided. Now, we gather all the evidence, stories, hype and sift through it together in this article series.

The War on Christmas

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Why is it that the story of Christmas that kicked off one of the biggest belief systems in the world became the target for the Left to demean and denounce?

The Holiday Tie That Binds

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Gobble Til You Wobble Thinking about the holidays, the first one that came up was Thanksgiving. It was day filled with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pie and of course football.…

Angels at Flight 93 Crash Site

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Amidst all the tragedy of 9/11, many stories of courage and faith rose from the ashes. Here's a remarkable story of Flight 93's brave passengers.