2024 Presidential Poll — Full Results

Here are the full results for CatholicVote’s 2024 Presidential Poll. Candiate# of Votes%former President Donald J. Trump (R-FL)299441.5%Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL)284639.5%former Ambassador Nikki Haley (R-SC)74710.4%Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)1472.0%businessman Vivek Ramaswamy…

Denver Archbishop: Marijuana Destroys Souls

CV NEWS FEED // Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila released a pastoral letter this week citing Church doctrine to caution against the “broad acceptance” of recreational marijuana.  “I write to…

Ugly Realities of Leftist Lurch Into Anti-Semitism

The abominable demonstrations on the Nation's college campuses, following the Hamas attacks, may be shocking in their depravity, but they really shouldn't be surprising. The venomous anti-Semitism that has been on parade in the past four weeks is only the latest manifestation of the twisted thinking that had already poisoned so many minds of "professors" and administrators.

Report: Liberal Priests Going Extinct

CV NEWS FEED // A recent report shows that in the years since the Second Vatican Council the percentage of Catholic priests who consider themselves “liberal” has precipitously decreased, while…