US-China Diplomatic Row Amid Consulate Closure

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US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Houston after FBI discovers it is at the center of a massive web of espionage. Worsening US-China relations is expected to have a negative effect on the Chinese and Hong Kong economies.

Supporting Democracy: US-Taiwan Policy

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Democracy is a hot button topic these days, and an ideal every nation strives for. The US supports democracy in its policies toward Taiwan.

Hong Kong and US-China Policy

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The CCP dictator in Beijing is aggressively imposing draconian restrictions on Hong Kong's traditional autonomy and freedom.

China’s Sister City Influence Program

The Chinese sister cities program is more than a trade and cultural exchange. Through this, China seeks to go around Federal governments and influence nations at a lower level.

Chinese Spies on Campus

China has many ways of obtaining our country's secrets, including using Chinese students as spies. But it doesn't stop there. A MUST READ.

BOLO: Appease the Mob

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Every good Emperor knows you must always, at all times, appease the mob. This is the only way you will survive scrutiny to swindle another day. BOLO ALERT.

Americans Need Not Apply

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Americans are footing the bill for many globalist projects around the world, instead of our own country. Perhaps it is time for China to ante up.

BREAKING: President Trump Halts WHO Funding

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In a bold move, President Donald Trump halts WHO funding. This comes after WHO seems compicit in a Chinese coverup as the world fights the Wuhan COVID-19.

Why Are We Trusting A Nerd?

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For medical information on Covid-19, why would anyone trust a computer guy? Especially a known Globalist and population reductionist?

Can You Trust Your Meds from China?

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Who knows what the effects of contaminated drugs can have on future generations? What happens if the supply of drugs is cut off at some future provocation?