Reddit-Style Free Speech: Quarantine

The revamped "Quarantine Function" suppresses free speech on Reddit... On Thursday, September 27th, the Reddit admins quarantined a number of subreddits to go ...

Caging Twitter: Jack and Sheryl Go to Washington, Squashing Alex Jones and Infowars

Jack Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg go to Washington and permanently suspend Alex Jones and Infowars Twitter accounts, setting precedent for a wave of ...

Caging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Testify

Free Speech Is Under Attack Over the course of the last few months, from Facebook working with Chinese companies to give them data access, to the banning ...

The Alex Jones Surge After the Purge: Solving Internet Censorship

As the internet censorship debate continues, Alex Jones of Infowars says he is advising President Trump on "striking back against internet censorship"... ...

Answer to Censorship: Calling for an Internet Bill of Rights

Viva la Revolucion! 1776. The year 13 British Colonies expressed their sheer disgust at a distant tyrant who made their lives a literal hell. Taxing ...

Infowars Content Removed As Tech Giants Muzzle Alex Jones

Alex Jones Is Being Censored Alex Jones and his flagship Infowars have been removed from Apple, YouTube, and Facebook. ...

Tamara Leigh, Censored By Twitter

Recently, Twitter restricted Tamara Leigh's account with accusations of bot activity. Social media censorship is getting out of hand!

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