SPOILER ALERT!: “Shaft” Review

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The saga continues with the latest edition of Samuel L. Jackson's iconic series, "Shaft." Everyone not easily offended should see it! WARNING! Spoiler alert!


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Scott Presler is a gay Conservative activist focused on registering people to vote and doing his part for 2020. New Right Network sits down to talk with him.

Happy Covfefe Day! Let’s Drink Coffee

Covfefe: Making Coffee Great! Two years ago, on May 31, 2017, a little past midnight President Donald Trump tweeted out, “...despite the constant negative press covfefe.” The president may have…

“Cis”stematic Discrimination

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History repeats itself unless we are forewarned to not make the same mistakes. Patterns show discrimination is happening again. This time it's "cis"stematic.

De-Platforming: Back to the Future (Satire)

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The year is 2029. The most popular social networking site in the world, “Rightbook,” has de-platformed most Left-wing propagandists (formerly known as journalists). Rightbook was founded by a group of…

Great Race of Mercy – a Tale of Heroism

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Through an Alaskan blizzard a group of sled dogs race to save children. They brought them the medicine they needed and become immortalized as heroes.

The Unexpected Breakdown of the Common Law System

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An End to "Stare Decisis"? One of the crucial elements of our national history that is not taught to students in schools is that, by and large, the Founding Fathers…