The End of the Pandemic

The new head of President Trump’s pandemic response team says the mortality rate and risk of contagion are much lower than previously thought.

The Rittenhouse Effect

Kyle Rittenhouse.  The latest figure of infamy for some, a noted hero to others but we definitely need to take into account all the facts we know so far surrounding…

RNC Day 1 Recap: Land of Promise

Something about a soundtrack that swells the heart is found in every movie and every cinematic masterpiece.  That’s the opening video of the Republican National Convention.  What was the basis…

Allegiance to Who?

We love history here at NRN.  It’s kind of our thing as we love to look back at the foundations of our nation, the moments that defined us whether good…

Minnesota Poll Suggests Trump Victory

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Reservoir of Untapped Voters Could Deliver Minnesota for President Trump in November Poll Numbers From the Ground A recent Minnesota statewide survey suggests President Trump may take the lead over…

DNC Convention Day 4

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Where to begin with this one.  It all started off with Julia Louie-Dreyfus of Seinfeld notoriety serving as the Master of Ceremony who kicked it all off then with a…

DOJ Sues Towing Company for Illegally Auctioning Marine’s Car

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Marine returns from two year overseas deployment to find car missing. She had continued to make her monthly car payments. Towing company had illegally impounded, auctioned her vehicle while she was away. Department of Justice sued them for violating the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act.

Flops on Both Sides

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If you haven’t heard it before, you’re hearing it here.  Perhaps you were busy and didn’t seem to care because you were too busy loving your spouse deeply.  Perhaps you…

USPS Violated Hatch Act

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The USPS that systematically violated the Hatch Act should alarm voters about the validity of the 2020 Election with vote-by-mail.