Watch: Biden’s Border Buses Release Hundreds Of Illegals Into San Diego – ‘Do Whatever You Want, You’re Free’

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Fox News reporter Bill Melugin shared footage on X Friday showing hundreds of illegal immigrants flooding the streets of San Diego, California, after being released by Joe Biden’s DHS.

The white Border Patrol buses dropped off illegals from nations like China and Pakistan with officials claiming the release was necessary because government-run migrant facilities were overcrowded.

Footage captured by Melugin shows a masked illegal asking a Border Patrol officer if he was allowed to travel to Chicago, to which the government employee responded, “You can do whatever you want. You’re free.”

On Wednesday, a sheriff in Arizona issued a stern rebuke of the Biden administration after his office was also informed of illegal alien street releases into his county due to the overcrowded migrant detention centers.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels wrote on Facebook, “The migrants being released are from outside Cochise County but were bussed to Cochise County, processed and then released. Cochise County is a rural county with limited resources leaving these migrants vulnerable. In short, this lack of humanitarian consideration poses risk for the migrants.”

Sheriff Dannels also talked with Melugin, telling Fox News, “People come from all over the country to smuggle here. They endanger this community, the citizens. We’ve worked united to combat that. Then to find out yesterday that CBP is doing street releases as they call them ‘safe.’ There’s nothing safe about it.”

Don’t forget, Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently referred to the planned invasion of America as a “model approach” to immigration.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Mayorkas and Biden should both be immediately impeached for violating their oaths to the U.S. Constitution.

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