Florida HOAs Can’t Ban the Stars and Stripes

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CV NEWS FEED // On July 1 a new law will give Florida homeowners the right to display flags, regardless of regulations from Homeowners Associations (HOA).

Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has signed a bill to prevent Americans from being penalized for their patriotism. 

“…regardless of any HOA covenants, restrictions, bylaws, rules, or requirements to the contrary, a homeowner may display, in a respectful manner, one United States flag or official State of Florida flag; and one official POW-MIA flag or a flag representing a specified branch of the United States Armed Forces,” the bill states.

Jacksonville veteran Larry Murphree fought in court for 12 years over the right to fly an American flag.

“I had a small American flag, 4×6, and I stuck it in a flowerpot on my front porch,” Murphree said. “It was a small flag, but it stood for a big thank you for what…they did and sacrificed. I was in the Air Force for six years.” 

The HOA in his Jacksonville neighborhood, Sweetwater by Del Webb, sent him a violation letter for having an “unauthorized object” on his property. When asked to take it down, Murphree refused and was subsequently fined. 

Murphree battled until 2021, when Judge Robert Dees awarded him only $1,223 in damages. To pay for the legal fees, Murphree had to sell his condo and use a large portion of his retirement fund, costing about $200,000. Murphree now lives in a new neighborhood where he can fly the American flag without receiving complaints.

“I would do it again for the flag, what it stands for,” Murphree told First Coast News.

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There is a GoFundMe page to help him with expenses.  

“The flag stands for everything that’s good about this country. And why people want to tear it down or not respect it or whatever…is beyond my comprehension,” Murphree said.

When asked about the case, flag rules in the neighborhood, and forcing a resident to spend $200,000 over the right to fly an American flag, The Sweetwater by Del Webb Homeowners Association said that they were not at liberty to discuss it. 

The new Florida bill does not only apply to flower-pot sized flags. “A homeowner may also set up a freestanding flagpole no more than 20 feet high on his or her property” the bill continues, on which to display the Stars and Stripes with pride. 

The bill goes into effect on July 1 of this year, just in time for the Fourth of July. All Floridians will now be able to express their patriotism, support for armed services, and American pride no matter where they live. 

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