Unstoppable Force: Kari Lake’s Maricopa County Signature Verification Case Heads to Court

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Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake will finally get the opportunity to get her case contesting Arizona’s questionable election results heard in court.

After the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in March that a lower court improperly dismissed Lake’s challenge that Maricopa County officials potentially violated signature verification policies, a Maricopa County judge has agreed to hear the case.

“On Monday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson—who rejected Lake’s lawsuit back in December—approved one count in Lake’s lawsuit, regarding signature verification procedures in the county, to continue in court,” reported Newsweek Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Courthouse News reports a judge on Friday denied a motion to dismiss Lake’s challenge by lawyers representing Democrat Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs.

Lake celebrated the news on Twitter saying, “HUGE: Following Supreme Court Ruling, Maricopa County Judge grants @KariLake the opportunity to EXPOSE Election Fraud IN COURT!” and “We’re going to Court. Get ready!”

Following the news, Lake discussed upcoming developments in the case in an interview with Real America’s Voice News.

“Well, we have the date set for our trial. It’ll be Wednesday through Friday. We’re just waiting patiently for the judge to give us a thumbs up and decide if he’s willing to give us that new trial,” Lake explained.

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“Our attorneys are preparing to go to court Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We just need to get that thumbs up and we have a strong case. New evidence has come to light, since that first ruling by this lower court, Judge Thompson, that shows that the folks over at Maricopa County … sabotaged Election Day by making sure the machines didn’t work when the Republican voters were showing up.”

Lake went on to slam Maricopa County’s shoddy efforts to verify signatures on ballots as a deceptive con job.

“This is a joke. It’s a sham,” Lake said. “They act like they’re actually comparing signatures and they’re not… upwards of 400,000 ballots. They spent less than three seconds, three seconds or less, to determine if it was a real signature. That’s humanly impossible.”

“It’s just a system that people need to be aware of. It’s not run properly. And it’s actually a sham.”

Lake hailed the Supreme Court’s decision in March, saying, “The signature verification process in Maricopa County is a house of cards. Thanks to this ruling, my team will get the chance to topple it.”

Referring to the judge’s decision to hear Lake’s case, political consultant Colton Duncan admitted, “I’m blown away.”

“@KariLake promised the world that she would fight her Election Case to the bitter end & do EVERYTHING in her power to expose the fraud,” Duncan wrote, adding, “She’s not like most politicians. She was telling the truth. Now, her case goes to [trial]. Again, I am blown away..”

A video circulating on social media seemingly proves Lake’s claims, showing how Maricopa County employees spent less than 2 seconds on each ballot “verifying” signatures.

While the outcome of Lake’s challenge remains uncertain, it’s definitely one step closer for her to potentially reform the election process, restore integrity, or possibly overturn the state’s election results.

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