Wild Video: Angry Black Man Proves He’s ‘Not Scary’ By Chasing Down Terrified Woman Who Fled From Him

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Wild footage out of the UK shows a black man pursuing a woman who’d fled in terror upon seeing him, in a bonkers effort to reassure her he’s “not scary.”

The video starts with the man filming himself running down a dark alley toward the woman of Asian origin asking, “Scared of black people, yeah? You scared of black people, yeah?”

A caption on the man’s social media post reads, “Dumb bitch bussed a u turn as soon as she saw me inda alley.”

The man eventually catches up to the woman who’s screaming in fear attempting to open the door to an apartment and growls menacingly at her.

After snarling at her the man tells the woman, “We are not scary. We’re just normal people. Don’t be fuckin’ scared bro.”

“She extender her journey by 3 mins to avoid me (sic),” the man later said in an update.

The incident from 2018 was covered at the time by Metro.co.uk:

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Some people agreed with his actions at first but many more have criticised him for the social experiment.

Yomi Adegoke, senior writer from @thepooluk, was one of his main critics and called the video sexist.

‘Through his self-centred and self-serving post, @realest_lk has highlighted the wilful lack of awareness and empathy to experiences of oppression that lie outside of his own,’ she wrote on the website.

‘Women of any race are likely to panic when faced with a male stranger in a dark alleyway – a point that women from all backgrounds flocked to make in the replies, which he dismissed even when the women were black.’

She did admit young black men were often negatively stereotyped but felt this video was not the way to tackle the issue.

Is this what Dilbert creator Scott Adams meant with his controversial statements warning white Americans to stay away from black people?

You know racial tensions are reaching a boiling point when you can’t even try to avoid other people without it being taken as an offensive gesture.

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