Republican Congressman Endorses DeSantis for President

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Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy announced Wednesday that he is endorsing Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for president.

“It’s time for Ron DeSantis to be President of the United States,” Roy said in a campaign email obtained by The Daily Signal.

DeSantis is considered one of the top 2024 contenders, though he has not yet announced a presidential campaign.

“The next President of the United States must be a vibrant and energetic leader with the faith, vision, and courage to chart a new course,” Roy said in the email. “America needs a leader who will truly defend her and empower the people against the destructive force of unrestrained government and corporate excess, profligate spending, and woke cultural indoctrination.”

“That leader is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis,” he continued.

“Governor DeSantis is a man of conviction — a man who puts his faith in God first as a dedicated husband and father,” the congressman wrote. “He grew up a blue collar kid who worked hard, got a great education, and used it immediately to serve his country. He loves America unapologetically but loves freedom and the rule of law even more, with the courage to fight for both.”

Roy praised DeSantis’s “no-nonsense government and fearless rejection of woke ‘conventional wisdom,’” pointing to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida as well as his proven “ability to win at the ballot box time and time again.”

“Perhaps most of all, Governor DeSantis makes clear he would lead our nation as commander in chief with the kind of resolve and sober strength that produces peace through strength,” Roy wrote. “A veteran himself, he recognizes that a military is best when it is strong, non-politically correct, and lethal – while being sparingly but decisively used and not mired in endless, protracted military engagements all around the globe.”

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“America has been built upon and defined by the sacrifices of one generation for the next,” he continued. “When Republicans choose our 2024 presidential nominee — whom I intend to support against Joe Biden or any other Democrat candidate — I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership. It’s time for younger, but proven, leadership to offer America eight solid years of transformational change.”

The news comes after a senior adviser in former President Donald Trump’s administration, Ken Cuccinelli, launched a political action committee calling on the Florida governor to run for president in the 2024 election. Cuccinelli’s NEVER BACK DOWN PAC specifically calls on DeSantis to lead the Republican Party to victory over President Joe Biden.

The presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump and Team DeSantis did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Signal.

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