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From Asylum Fraud to Mexican Ant Operations: Todd Bensman on Biden’s Migrant Advocacy Industrial Complex

As aired December 3, 2022 by Epoch Times TV’s Jan Jekielek

“These numbers are just beyond anything that we have ever seen before, and I don’t think that the American public has yet appreciated it. By the end of the Biden administration, we should have…6 million people actually into the country, and maybe more. “We’ll do something to the country that we’ve never seen before. It’ll be a tidal wave – an unbelievable tidal wave.” – Bensman about the scheduled December 21 end to Title 42, which is expected to spur 18,000 border crossings a day, compared to the current 7,500 a day.

We are in the midst of the greatest border crisis in US history, by every metric. This is a crisis that goes beyond anything in the American experience, even dating to Ellis Island. This is something that the generations down the line will remember and study.”

– Bensman on immigration statistics showing why America is at a greater elevated threat from the migrant terror threat than it has been since 9/11.

So the major problem with having a border that is this out of control at this level of utter pandemonium is that people arrive at the border often without identification. We have no idea who any of them are. They can tell us, “My name is Mickey Mouse and I’m from X country,” and we let them in without any idea of whether their word is true, and sound, and verifiable. And that’s really the problem. It’s a stranger danger issue from my vantage point. And when you have people coming from 150 different countries, from all over Africa where there are war torn tribal militias committing atrocities against the civilian population, or you have people coming from Syria, and Iraq, and from China, and from places that are adversarial to the United States. You have spies, espionage problems, war criminals, and terrorists. And when 900,000 or a million, million and a half people crossed without even being detected, you can’t even run their fingerprints. That is by definition, a major national security threat to America.”

Jekielek: “I’ve just been reading your book, Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History, which is forthcoming. It hasn’t been published yet. But, uh…Wow.

​”I understood from the reporting for example, of Charlotte Cuthbertson, our border reporter and many others, that there is a dire situation at the border and all sorts of related issues. I had not realized the depth and breadth of it until I read your book, so thank you for this. I mean, you approach it from so many different angles. This is an incredible body of knowledge that you’re sharing here. And I encourage everyone to actually pick up your book and read it. On the other hand, you’re saying that there is hope. What do you see there, and what do you think needs to happen at this point givent he body of knowledge that you’ve just exposed?”

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Bensman: “Well for one thing, the American people don’t understand how it works, why it works, why what happens is happening. And until they do, they won’t really be able to weigh in that something wrong is happening or something that you like is happening. But the mass migration crisis is going to be felt eventually by everybody in the country. Their school districts, their health systems, and tax rates, and everything. They’re going to feel this. And they’ll have a choice at the ballot box in 2024 after two more years of this, and millions of more people. And lawmakers will need to make choices and draft laws that will hopefully meet the demands of their voters, one way or another.”

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