Democrats Ask: Have You Hugged a Criminal Today?

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In a debate last night, Lee Zeldin accused Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul of being soft on crime.  He pointed out she bragged about her support for cashless bail and he called for the state’s cashless bail law to be suspended.  “I don’t think that if you are Mexican cartel drug smugglers busted with $1.2 million worth of crystal meth that you should just be instantly released on cashless bail,” he said.   When Hochul tried to pivot to gun control, Zeldin said plenty of serious crimes are being committed without guns.  “You have people who are afraid of being pushed in front of oncoming subway cars. They’re being stabbed, beaten to death on the street with hammers,” he said.  Zeldin then pledged, if elected governor, to fire Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Soros Progressive prosecutor who has been criticized for not prosecuting violent crimes.

Polls show crime is a campaign issue, as well it should be.  The Democrats’ insane criminal justice policies – from cashless bail to defunding the police to allowing the homeless to camp out in your front yard without penalty – should be on trial in this election.

Need more proof the Democrats are out of their ever-lovin’ minds when it comes to criminal justice reform?  Consider these recent stories:

Senate candidate John Fetterman in Pennsylvania thinks murderers serving time in prison are just like your grandfather and grandmother.  That’s insane.  This from a guy who wants to let one-third of all criminals in prison out because it will make everyone safer.  The man is a certified lunatic.

Cashless bail has produced stories like the New York man, previously arrested 12 times, released without bail attacking two women in broad daylight.  One was pushing a baby stroller.  Before he grabbed her neck, he shouted, “ F*** you, B***!  Go ahead and call the cops, I don’t care.”  That’s insane.

But not as insane as what goes on now in Minneapolis, where police have been constrained from pursuing suspects in vehicles.  Car thieves race around neighborhoods and wave at the police while roaring by them in stolen cars.  But here’s what’s really insane: The same kind of limited vehicle pursuit law was recently passed in Washington state.  Officers are supposed to wait for clearance from headquarters before initiating pursuit.  Suspects are now calling 9-1-1 to report officers who pursue them.  “I have a cop chasing me in violation of House Bill 1047,” they tell the operators.  Things have truly gone upside down.

All this insanity has real-world consequences.  Businesses are closing in San Francisco and Philadelphia because of rampant crime.  The number of police officers injured or killed in surprise ambushes has soared since rioters were given a free pass for burning down cities and attacking law enforcement in the summer of 2020.   The Democrats cause a soaring crime problem, then go on TV and call anyone who brings attention to it a racist for pointing it out.

But the Democrats know their policies have been ruinous.  That’s why they’re trying to run away from them in this election.  They say the stupidest things like they were never for defunding the police when they obviously were.  Kamala Harris now claims she never supported an organization that bailed out murderers and rapists, but her tweet asking people to donate to the organization is still up.

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Democrats have also shown by their actions they know they went down the wrong road.  The Governor of New Mexico pushed cashless bail and defunding the police, but is now begging the feds to send more law enforcement to her state because the crime is so bad there.  And I’ve lost count of the number of cities that have scrambled to re-fund the police after defunding the police caused crime to spiral out of control.

The Democrats have shown you by word and deed they admit their criminal justice reforms were disastrous.  But, unfortunately, their policies caused all kinds of real-world insanity and ruinous consequences.  If you listen to all this and say to yourself, ‘I’m still going to vote Democrat,’ then YOU are the one who is insane.

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