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CV NEWS FEED // With less than 50 days left before the midterm elections, Democrats are facing a bleak landscape.

Polling shows them lagging behind Republicans on what have traditionally been considered go-to Democratic issues, such as the economy and protecting rights. 

NBC news reports that “The Republican Party holds all-time high advantages on the economy, crime, and border security,” while voters favor Democrats on abortion. And in the post-Roe vs. Wade election landscape, Democrats are putting their money on abortion.

According to the Associated Press, “Democrats have already invested more than an estimated $124 million this year in television advertising referencing abortion.” 

That spending outstrips Democrats’ 2018 abortion-related ad spending by 20%. It’s also more than twice as much money as they’ve spent on their second-most emphasized issue, “character.”

“If the Democratic Party actually believed in the power of prayer, this move would be considered a ‘Hail Mary’ attempt to salvage the election,” remarked CatholicVote Director of Government Affairs Tom McClusky.

The focus on abortion indicates a change of course from Democrats’ recent emphases on former President Donald Trump together with traditional issues that matter to voters, such as universal healthcare, education opportunity, and the economy.

“The media are predictably going along with the ruse to create ‘faux-mentum’ behind the idea that the Democratic Party’s extremist views are representative of the American people,” McClusky said:

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But Democrats, no matter how they try, are having a challenging time making the case for tearing unborn babies apart limb-from-limb with wild abandon — because they have miscalculated the American peoples’ overwhelming desire for at least some limits on abortion. Democrats are completely out of step.

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel says she’s encouraging Republicans not to ignore abortion. “It’s very clear that that’s the only thing that Democrats have to run on, right? They don’t run on a good economy. They can’t run on the community being safer. They can’t run on education.”

McClusky agreed. “Republican candidates should continue their messaging on the economy, crime, and immigration. These are all issues that are all about Democratic failures which are threatening our country. However, they should not be running away from speaking out on life as well,” he said:’

Abortion is an extremely barbaric act that has been tolerated in so-called “polite society” for far too long. We have the numbers on our side on this issue. It is a fact that most Americans do not approve of abortion in the second or third trimester of a pregnancy. They do not endorse abortion as a means of birth control.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to make unlimited abortion access their central strategy to win in November.

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