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CV NEWS FEED // CatholicVote’s multimedia educational initiative EDIFY celebrates its first birthday this week. The platform produces videos, podcasts, and study guides designed to deliver answers to tough questions about our ever-changing culture – all grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

In its first year, EDIFY launched 33 videos that garnered over 2.5 million views. Its podcast platform is its fastest-growing product, with 30 episodes now available for download.

Changing Lives

EDIFY’s unique voice is already changing the landscape in American parishes and communities.

In Ohio, Father Barry Stechschulte, Pastor of St. Susanna Parish, watched EDIFY’s video “The Real Reason Young People Are Leaving the Faith,” featuring J.P. DeGance. Inspired by its message, he is now instituting a marriage and family ministry program in his parish.

To support the new efforts, CatholicVote awarded the parish a $500 grant.

“So, where is our ministry for the perseverance and spiritual health and enrichment of our married couples?” he wrote in a recent church bulletin:

It seems we prepare them for marriage but leave them be after the wedding day, while of course asking them to volunteer for everything amid their busy lives… The effects of this lack of outreach to our Catholic married couples are shown in [this] video… So, now at St. Susanna’s, we are making a concerted effort in this area.

EDIFY is also reaching an increasingly youthful audience. At launch in 2021, almost 70% of its audience was over the age of 55. Today, after targeted outreach to a younger demographic, over 53% of EDIFY’s audience is under 55!

Videos with a Purpose

EDIFY videos are the heart of its apostolate, and viewer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

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Shirley W. wrote: “These EDIFY videos are just genius. In today’s world of short attention spans, you nailed it. Every video packs a powerful amount of truth in those 5 minute episodes.”

The platform also hosts a biweekly podcast and has produced 30 episodes featuring leading Catholic voices in public policy, media, apologetics, education, and culture. Podcast listener Emily N. praised EDIFY’s interview with Dr. Christina Francis, “A Doctor Responds to Pro-Choice Myths”:

I just wanted to say thank you! I shared this on Facebook as well. So very good to have this information and the execution of the interview was just spot on in articulation. 360 degrees well done!

EDIFY’s Alyson Stalnaker told CatholicVote that working on the podcast is one of her favorite parts of her work. “I love working on The EDIFY Podcast,” she said:

The conversations we get to have with our speakers give me hope, courage, and determination to live the life and mission God has called me to.

Presenter Praise

Past EDIFY presenters also shared their enthusiasm for the year-old project. In his own EDIFY podcast interview, Jeff Cavins said, “I love what you’re doing with EDIFY. God’s going to use this!”

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, tweeted out his appreciation for EDIFY, too:

Looking to the Future

CatholicVote President Brian Burch celebrated the platform’s early success, but also offered his vision for what comes next.

Politics shape how people understand what’s important and the best way to live. We started EDIFY because Catholics need the tools to elevate the conversations and policies that shape our families, workplaces, parishes, and communities.

He continued,

EDIFY has answered a real need in the American Catholic media space for engaging content that is really useful to everyday Catholics,” Burch said. “We are excited to continue to build on the good work of this inaugural year.

Readers can subscribe to EDIFY here to receive updates and notifications when new content premieres.

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