Biden’s Border Policies Veer from Insane to Berserk

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The Biden administration is closing gaps in the border wall in Arizona, despite Joe Biden’s promise he would not build “another foot” of Trump’s border wall.  Wouldn’t you love to know why Biden wants to build the wall, especially since Democrats have called the wall ‘racist’, making the Biden administration racist for building it?  I would like to know, too, but all we get out of the White House is gaslighting.  They’re not building the wall, the White House press secretary insists.  They’re ‘cleaning up a mess left by the Trump administration.’  If you can figure out what that means, let me know.

Building the wall represents an about-face for an administration that has instituted numerous policy changes to open the border, changes I’ve documented in previous commentaries.  The administration might be building the wall, but it’s still making policy changes to open the border at the same time, which makes absolutely no sense at all.   The administration just confirmed it will be giving identification cards to illegal aliens.  Border-jumpers should be detained and deported but, instead, the Biden administration is releasing them into the interior and now making it easier for them to travel by plane and access government benefits with a secure ID card. The administration’s recent announcement it will allow illegal aliens to apply for asylum online from anywhere in the world has been heavily criticized.  One Senator called it an ‘open invitation to Chinese spies to enter the U.S.’.

The consequences of the new online asylum system have yet to be seen, but the consequences of earlier policy changes are already visible, and they are ruinous.

The masses of unaccompanied children pouring across the border have led to contracts costing hundreds of millions of dollars for a facility to house some of them in North Carolina while they await resettlement.  The facility has rock climbing walls, an 8-lane swimming pool, mental health counseling, legal services – the works.  I remember that a similar facility considered by the Obama administration during a previous alien child surge was canceled due to public outrage.  Not this time.

Out of 30,000 catch-and-release aliens targeted to receive court summonses for failing to appear for immigration hearings, only 600 have been served.  Officers call the exercise a “complete waste of time.”  I call it a joke.

Federal air marshals had to be called in to help with the influx of illegal aliens at the border caused by Joe Biden’s open borders policies.  The marshals escort aliens from processing facilities into the custody of border agents for release into the interior.  Why authorities even bother with this step when the escort is for all of 50 yards is beyond me.

All this laxness has given rise to human smuggling operations inside the U.S.  Last week, ICE found 73 illegal aliens living in six homes operated by smugglers in a wealthy area of Washington, D.C.   It’s not clear who the cocaine found during the raid was for.

Building the wall in Arizona, while letting the alien invasion continue in Texas.  Releasing aliens into the interior with summonses not worth the paper they’re written on while giving them secure ID cards.  Continuing to tell the public the border is secure when obviously it is not – none of this makes any sense.   But if you expect rationality from wild-eyed left-wing ideologues who hate America with a passion, you’re not going to get it.   Who knows what the latest reversal is about, but it’s certainly not about admitting Trump was right, after all.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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