Freedom Caucus Demands McCarthy End Pelosi’s Reign

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The House Freedom Caucus is Urging Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to End Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Tyrannical’ Reign

Republicans have made their most forceful effort yet against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, demanding that she resign immediately.

The House Freedom Caucus has issued a letter to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, urging him to end Pelosi’s “authoritarian tyranny.”

“House Freedom Caucus is calling on GOP leader to file and bring up a privileged motion to vacate the chair and end Speaker Pelosi’s authoritarian reign,” the letter read. “We, the House Freedom Caucus, respectfully request that you pursue the authorization of the House Republican Conference, pursuant to Conference rules, to file and bring up a privileged motion to vacate the chair and end Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian reign as Speaker of the House.”

A Letter of Demands

The letter continued, “Rule IX, Clause 3 of the Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Seventeenth Congress requires that ‘A resolution causing a vacancy in the Office of Speaker shall not be privileged except if offered by direction of a party caucus or conference. Speaker Pelosi’s tenure is destroying the House of Representatives and our ability to faithfully represent the people we are here to serve. Speaker Pelosi has championed unconstitutional changes like allowing proxy voting and insulting security measures like metal detectors for Members coming to the floor to vote.”

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