They’re Back: Clinton Global Initiative Resurfaces, Fuels Hillary 2024 Speculation

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Resurgence of the Clinton Global Initiative

Rumors have been circulating that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who unsuccessfully ran for president twice, may run again in 2024. The former First Lady will be 77 at the time of the 2024 election.

According to a letter issued to the foundation’s donors on Friday, the Clinton Foundation is preparing another Clinton Global Initiative – a high-profile meeting of economic, political, and charitable leaders – in September in New York.


The initiative, which began meeting annually in 2005 and featured speakers such as former Presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, as well as celebrity philanthropists such as Bono and Ben Affleck, came to an end in 2016 during former Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, when questions were raised about the appearance of conflicts of interest.

But it’s back.

“Biden is such a failure that he’s enabled the resurgence of the Clinton Cabal,” popular Twitter user Jeff Carlson said.

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