Of Oaths and Oathbreakers: Liberal Outlets Attack Justice Thomas Wife’s Activism, Turn Blind Eye To Senate Rushing Confirmation Activist Judge

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion
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As with every week during the Biden Administration, last week a week of strong news stories. From failed U.S. leadership in a weak NATO allowing millions to suffer in the Ukraine and Russia, to rising prices across the country, to calls to remove Kamala Harris from her assignment as Border Czar, the U.S. News media has been running rampant covering for the ineptitude of the President of the United States.

There is widespread concern across the country. Biden, in a usual gaffe, suggested that Putin should be removed from office because of poor leadership and poor approval ratings in Russia. Biden should be careful making such warmongering statements (even Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is on the defensive, saying we are not pushing for regime change) when he fits the same bill back home: poor leadership and dismal approval ratings with more than 50% of American disapproving of Biden’s job performance.

An Activist Judge Nominee

Amid all the confusion of the Biden regime, sometimes the hypocrisy of the media is lost on people around the country. As Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a known activist judge, is being rushed through Senate confirmation hearings, the same media applauding her activist record is attacking Justice Clarence Thomas for his wife’s political activism. The dichotomy of the reporting could not be more stark. On one hand, liberal judges and representatives are allowed to be married to activists or even be activists themselves, while on the other hand, conservatives may not have any “improper” relations with activists.

One of the least funny comments was from the clown prince of commentary, Bill Maher, who said, “The GOP would be happy if there was not a black justice on the Supreme Court,” even as his own side of the aisle is crying for the only Black Justice on the Court to step down. For the narrative of the left, conservative black Americans, like Thomas, have to be “made to be” corrupt. If your demographic group is being touted as part of the “Rainbow Coalition” created by Obama, then you are not allowed to have your own opinions.

To make matters worse, Ginni Thomas is an activist by trade. That’s right, it is her job. She was an activist before she married Thomas in 1987 and has been an activist for the last 35 years while he was on the court. It is only now, when two black justices could disagree on the Supreme Court, that the media-industrial complex is worried. “What if Thomas’s opinions resonate with this demographic more than Jackson’s?” This is a serious problem. We have seen liberals attack black representatives and senators who are conservative, now we are seeing the same method used against one of the most distinguished Supreme Court justices of all time. As Democrats attack Ginni Thomas, it is almost as if they are saying conservative women should not have a voice either.

Court of Public Opinion

In conclusion, this debate will be settled by the court of public opinion and the Senate of voting machines in the upcoming November election. Jackson will likely be confirmed, even though her appointment by Biden violates EEOC standards (this is not her fault, this is his fault). Ginni and Clarence Thomas will be attacked for the next 30 months, and we all hope that he does not go hunting at a Democrat hunting lodge. But we should all remember, the Democrat’s hero – the notorious RBG – was an activist before she joined the court, she was an activist while she was on the court, and she inspired other Justices Sotomayor and Kagan to be activists cut from her cloth. Thomas, on the other hand, recuses himself from cases for which he has a relationship to the party (most notably any case involving the Catholic Church). Just like Maher is blinded to his own sides’ hypocrisy about “the GOP does not want black Justices,” so, too, the media is ignoring the activism of past and present justices. This argument is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover up Biden’s mounting failures – which will likely end up in front of the Supreme Court in the coming years.